Zukul Review: It’s this site Safe to Join?

Name: ZukulZukul Review

Official Website:www.zukul.com

Overall Rating: 69/100

What it is Zukul all About?

My hesitation on singing the praises or tearing down Zukul’s offer is its clear status as a “work in progress”. One quick example is one of Zukul’s membership advice sites known in Zukul land as “hangouts”.

Yes, Zukul does deliver a variety of tools that do appear to offer some value. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get in each membership alternative….

Is There Worth In A Zukul Membership?

If you’re interested in learning just how to construct a high-quality website afterward Zukul’s blogging platform won’t meet your needs.

If you’re looking at advertising training that doesn’t revolve around the world of social networks and you have your sights set on learning all aspects of Internet marketing such as SEO optimization, keyword research, drilling down on a lucrative niche or analyzing market data to best optimize your chances of reaching your targeted audience then you certainly won’t find this level of training with Zukul.

Zukul won’t satisfy your needs if you would like to learn the way to write quality content that is participating and have that content position on the first page of Google then once again.

What’s The Deal With Guaranteed Signups

Zukul has had a shift in their delivery model since concept and is now guaranteeing new members who sign up 3 referrals on the house which will help begin your own 10x matrix, this isn’t free, it’ll cost you an one-time fee of $49.95 to pay for the traffic and the price of hiring individuals to marketplace Zukul. With this offer you must buy one of Zukuls program package choices starting at $50 a month, Zukul only says $50 they really don’t mention this is a recurring monthly statement that I could see in their promotional video!

Looking at the guaranteed offer pitch in extra money, I need to say I am very skeptical and get more signups under you. Where are these additional signups coming from?

The possible Downside to Zukul

Zukuls blogging platform has very limited capabilities basically all it’s great for is to promote nothing like a WordPress site builder, a 1 page Zukul promotion.

Zukul places a lot of emphasis on its new Bonded join offer which is dependent on the marketer’s effectiveness that is hired to reach their intended audience. What will happen if they are unsuccessful? Who are these marketers and do you actually know they’ve hired any with your money?

Is the training inside Zukul sufficient for new members to recruit more members on their own? From what I saw it isn’t! Will their training really give you the skill set to use Zukuls software suite to sell products other than Zukul?

There are 3 recruits sworn for every new member that’s a lot of referrals that have to be recruited to keep things rolling, will the marketing campaign be able to keep up with that demand? If not where will the 3 new recruits? Many recruiting established programs can’t provide recruits which lead to their demise, what makes Zukul any different?

My Closing Thoughts

Posting hypothetical numbers is one thing, actually delivering on those numbers is another. I feel if that is their assignment that is true Zukul is up against some stiff competition in the online marketing tool class, I think this component of their business will be a little grind.

I ‘haven’t seen anything in Zukul that’s not been offered before merely in a delivery version that is somewhat different, some make you pay for e-books, some various merchandises all with the opportunity to buy referrals to add to your matrix. I’ve observed too many referral based platforms fail over the years because they lacked the skill to recruit fast enough to stay informed about their referral income promise.

Zukul is putting all their eggs into a recruiting based model and has changed directions midstream for members are ’sad by it and that can be a frightening proposal. Zukuls survival is currently dependent on the effectiveness of Zukul members and recruiting to recruit using their “one connection” with the training they’re supplied. Ultimately you will need to be the judge, will it cut in the competitive MLM marketplace? I’ve viewed MLM’s such as Wake Up Now fold that offered its members a superior marketing campaign.

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Some Last Suggestions:

Do not trust in programs which offer the get rich overnight and tells you’ll make money without any effort and no experience required”. Run away if you see anyone of those offers.

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