Work at Home University Full Review 2016

Work at Home University Scam

Product: The Work at Home University
Creator: “Michelle Withrow” ( Not a real person)
Rank: 0/100

Price: $97


What is Work at Home University?

Michelle Withrow” has been working with different websites to offer people make money working from home , the bad is that it has promised the same in more than 5 different pages , all with the same result, Scam .
Work At home University is not the exception , selling you the story of a working mother who became a millionaire by putting links on the Internet, to share and teach the secret must pay $ 97 dollars , just to see what is this program about.

work at home universitity scam 2016

Many people have already been the victim of Work At Home University, but even worse is that many people continue to fall for this type of fraud , perhaps because they are in need of money or because they like easy money.
Alert. #1 Another Scam for Michelle Withrow:
• Stay at Home Revenue
• Work At Home University
• Home Income University
• Work At Home Authority
• Work At Home Institute
• Daily Consumer Posts
Alarm No. 2 the Only 3 position left (Hurry up buy me now)

We did a little test and decided to use the page as any new user who come to this website. When you enter to this website asks for your zip code and tells you : “Congratulations! There currently are 3 positions left in your city ” we tested 20 different cities and all showed the same message.

work at home university scam

Making you feel important and then the next step that marketing is called ” Call to the action” says, ” Only 3 position left” a person in need for the money it will take to Cure be part of this “great opportunity ” as it is about exhausted.

Work At Home University is a fail. Get real training HERE

Take a quick look at how this program compares to others on the market…

Wealthy Affiliate vs Work at Home University
FeaturesWork at Home University
Is it easy to get help? NO
Private coaching available?  NO
Can you Contact the Owners?  NO
Is there a live chat?NO
Is there step-by-step training?  YES
Are free websites included?  NO
Is web hosting included?  NO
Can you try for free?  NO
Is there a keyword research tool?  NO
Is there an affiliate program?  NO
Do I recommend this?No
My Overall Rating2/10

Alarm No.3 Fake Photos and testimonials

work at home universitity scam 2016 woman
“Michelle Withrow”

All images used to talk about this program are taken from Stock photos , as we can see below , you only have to do a Google search using: “Smiling woman working from home”


My Final Verdict

I get angry when I see that kind of scam because I know many people are losing their money right now and other will do the same, maybe because do not have the right information and do not have experience in internet marketing. Undoubtedly that Work At Home University is a real scam.

If you came to my page is because you are looking for information to make money from home, something that is possible, with the proper method and the actual training can make money online .

If you want to hear me say that you will get rich for the next week or next months and you will do this without too much work you are in the wrong , however , if you want to learn how to make money online you need to read My # 1 recommendation.

Have you been scammed with Work At Home University or any other program? Please let us know, we love the feedback.



Wilson Tavarez

I get scam over and over again because I make the same mistake every newbie can make "I want fast and easy money". I waste my money and time with the scammer.Now more than 10 years later I help others to avoid internet scam and teach them the safe way to Make Money Online.