Why Do People Give Up So Easily?

Why Do People Give Up So Easily?

Maybe you have seemed this successful person and you think to yourself: why does other people’s success, What does successful peoples, how can I have succesfull in my life?

Maybe those tips tell you why people give up so easily.

fast runThey want quick results with minimal effort

Before we walk, I am 100 % that we all learned to crawl, the problem with these people is that they want results right away, without planning how to get the results, becoming easy prey for scams on the internet that sell you the “get rich From overnight”.



nada-cambia-si-nada-cambiasThey stop believing in them self 

The most important person in the world is yourself, if you do not love yourself and you do not think you can do it, then you will not succeed. If others have succeeded, why I can’t ? Walt Disney was fired from a local newspaper, the reason: “He doesn’t enough imagination and  ideas” Aja Aja


autoescucha1They remain stuck in the past

The past is not all bad , as long as you have served experience to grow and not to make the same mistakes, but instead if you live stuck in your past mistakes it is no longer experience, it will remain a mistake lifetime, it’s time to learn from that mistake and move on.


scare-02Fear of the future

The future is often frightening for some people, especially for those who are not prepared in their respective areas, the future can be difficult to assimilate because many people prefer to stay in their comfort zone .


hombre_pensativoResistance to change

From the beginning the man is psychologically prepared to resist change, although we need to succeed, we see the change as an obstacle before reaching our final goal.


miedoThey focus on their weaknesses

I do not think there is a person in this world without weaknesses and flaws, no matter how successful been found, but only know their successes because these winners focused on their strengths to exploit and extract the maximum benefit .


mundo les debeThey feel the world owes them 

When you begin to see all your failures as the fault of others, you begin to feel sorry for yourself and blame the world for your stumbles, World owes you nothing, who has succeeded has not been luckily, it was because one day this “lucky” person decided to go to get what he/she deserved. 


Fear of success

If you never try , you will not know that you could be able to do, fear of success is stupid if you fail to learn from your mistakes and try again if you fail embarrassingly also will have funny stories to tell your grandchildren.

[quote]”I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and That is why I succeed . ” Michael Jordan [/quote]

trabjar en excesoOverworked

One of the major mistakes of entrepreneurs is to want to do it all themselves, but no one has to know everything , look at yourself as a company or perhaps you have seen the manager of the Yankees  going down to the ground to bat or manager some basketball team asking for the ball at the last second , there are companies that work for that very reason , it is impossible to do it all alone .

giving-upSurrender in the first round

May you make it into the firsts rounds, but if you didn’t, it’s good to know that 4 out of 5 large companies in The United States failed 4 times on average before getting his final success .

They are not people of action

Many people see the opportunity in his eyes, but do not take action, without knowing that time is the only thing in life unrecoverable once passing cannot go back .

If you read this entire article , you have some winner in you and know you’re a person of action

Final Thoughts

I have to say I had so much fun bringing this content to you, I have loved if someone shows me this type of content a few years ago where I lost a lot of my life on things that do not take me anywhere.

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Wilson Tavarez

I get scam over and over again because I make the same mistake every newbie can make "I want fast and easy money". I waste my money and time with the scammer.Now more than 10 years later I help others to avoid internet scam and teach them the safe way to Make Money Online.