Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Official Website: www.wealthyaffiliates.com

Overall: 95/100

Verdict: Safe to Join

Price: $0 Free Member and $47 Premium

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

You are looking for a Wealthy Affiliate Review, maybe you came here after doing a google research or using a Social Media. How you get here is not import, what really matter is that you are doing your research before joining any program

And this is a great sign, it means you are not one of those persons who jump and join to a website without doing your research. You are like me, Skeptical and this is awesome.

And I know you are wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is Scam Or Safe to Join?

Are there negative reviews or any Wealthy Affiliate criticisms about the business? Could it be worth it? What I will be going to reveal here is undoubtedly for you.

warning-general-2HOLD ON!! This is a large post, Is for users who are looking for inside information about this program and you are looking for answers? Don’t you?

You really don’t have to go over the entire review!

No problem, you can go now directly to My Final Decision

OR, you can read my short version for this Wealthy Affiliate Review Here

I swear I ‘ll make every effort to show every little detail till you get enough of me

I read lots of reviews looking and striving for folks saying awful things.

My Final Decision: Legit & High Recommended

After evaluation and my extensive review, it is possible to read here, I could easily say Wealthy Affiliate is a real big deal. It supplies everything you should need, to learn and begin Making Money online, has a high-quality training & support and is superb for beginners. It’s undoubtedly your very best choice to achieve online success.


Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam?

Would you like to realize what this investigation reveal? Simply reply me… What if I tell you there is a “Make Money Online” system where founders:

  • DON’T try to sell you a “get rich overnight ” remedy
  • DON’T sell the super American dream with fancy and expensive sports car and dream beach mansions and speak so much and so quickly you get mistaken you quit thinking right
  • DON’T request that you spend a fortune right now before your “blessed chance” is eliminated forever
  • Don’t trot out you with their Ferrari,  the great mansions and speak so much and so quickly you get mistaken you quit thinking direct
  • Didn’t tell you could make thousands daily without doing almost nothing and of course the “be your own boss” phrase.

Now in 2016, Do you still believe in those fairy tales? I hope you don’t. Ok but what if I told you I discover the online system training that:

  • All you need to join is your email address and your name or nickname. Keep your personal credit cards in your pocket, you don’t need it
  • You can join a FREE COMMUNITY that truly is consistently available to help you and cares about your success – No strings attached-
  • Provides you a FREE Account with gain access to content that is valuable unconditional— Remember, these gifts  are accessible without any kind of payment.
  • Gives you 2 FREE websites so you can practice or run your business, YES FREE
  • Owners are reachable and receive you with a warm welcome
  • Has an unbelievably no complaints (around 4  and for feeble reasons) in more than a decade

Would you believe it was not possible to be safe to join?

Well… don’t go anywhere. I strongly believe this is the Wealthy Affiliate Review that is most in-depth and complete online right now.

This investigation split into important parts to make this simpler to read:

  1. A more individual investigation based on my own experience –- you will understand what Wealthy Affiliate is, what’s indoors (Insider review), how it operates and what sort of associate you will find once you  join and become part of this.
  2. A going to the point review -– where you get all the information you need to think through things and make a decision at once

(You can jump straight to which one fits you better simply by pressing the links shown before, but I might urge that you just read the whole review by clicking the links you choose.)


  1. Wealthy Affiliate Review
    The Hint of the Century
    Making Money Online
    Old Friends Comes To The Rescue My Ship
    How Wealthy Affiliates Works
    Inside of Wealthy Affiliate
    Wealthy Affiliate Village
    Try it Out free
    After You Complete Your Free Course
    Becoming Premium Member
    What Premium had to offer
  2. What is Wealthy Affiliate (Short Review)
    Who’s behind Wealthy Affiliate
    What’s is Wealthy Affiliate all about
    What Are Wealthy Affiliate Advantages
    What Are Wealthy Affiliate disAdvantages
    Who can get benefit using Wealthy Affiliate?
    Support of Wealthy Affiliate
    Wealthy Affiliate Tools
    Free (starter) And Paid Accounts
    How Much Does The Wealthy Affiliate Training Price?
  3. Final Verdict
  4. Bonus

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

The Hint of the Century: Constantly Be Skeptical When The Offer Is Shiny


If you’re like me you’re constantly leery of golden out of this world changes, quick cash schemes, and simple assurances.

You’re not an idiot who trust  in everything you read before you eventually decide to purchase something online and you consistently do your investigation and make an effort to read as different points of view as possible and give your cash to an unknown person.

With the sum of fraud we see on-line (and offline) regular, a man must be 100% certain of what this person is doing.

REMEMBER: always be skeptic when the offer appears too good to be true

I bet you’re NOT!), I usually investigate, re-investigate, and think for some time only to understand, for certain, I’m not going to waste and lose my incomes.

The Goal I was unable to Make Happen

I remember the first I use the internet back in 1996 (Yes, I’m old 🙁 ) using a chat program call Mirc I spend hours on my computer then I ask to myself if I can make money using the internet and my computer… Then came google, facebook….

I established websites, examined and worked really hard over the past a great number of months  to make my dream become real. But still, my earnings wouldn’t reach the sum I wanted nor would it remain at a steady level on a monthly basis.

Became a blogger and a web developer with tons of expertise online… despite the fact that I graduated in Advertising I ‘d to acknowledge it. I was neglecting and I wanted help.

I subscribed  their bulletin and joined to Internet Marketing groups on Facebook.

I presented my questions at any time I had doubts, but the solutions I got were to find out my way. I had a clear vision nor of the measures I required to take to try to get there. — I frequently asked myself earlier I got totally stuck.)

Old Friends Comes To Give a Helping Hand and safe My Ship

One day, however, my  luck changed. An old friend proposed me to get some training to prepare myself.

Despite my 11 years of expertise as I said, it was time for me to be self-effacing.

This is when taking my old friend advice I discovered to this website called Wealthy Affiliate

However I did not register for free yet, I was already learning the primary themes of the pattern to online successful by simply studying “How Wealthy Affiliate works” and how those people were making a lot of money with their websites.

Because it was free (it is still) to join I failed to take much time to decide.

All I need to join was my e-mail address and my name (NO credit card required). I have nothing to loose and I decided to try out. This was JUST the start of my travel.

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

What I Found Out Once I Join to Wealthy Affiliate Was… Incredible

Therefore I went straight to training and my first job was to finish my profile (the social network part of it, remember?). It was only a matter of selecting a profile pic (you may also pick one from the WA gallery) and composing a little something about me.

There were folks discussing via direct and instant messages, the others were looking for help on a newsgroup forum, old members were providing their assistance, there was a large dark green Getting Started icon (with 10 free step-by-step exercise) and another one call Affiliate Bootcamp (with others free 10 lessons to even learn more).


So I take action and I went to my first lesson and then I finish my profile (Remember this is a community for entrepreneur too). It was merely a matter of picking a profile picture and say a little something about me.

Once I did it, I received a great surprise when Kyle and Carson came to me to to my profile and offered me help, and it gave me a great feeling of community and I understood I won’t be alone in this journey.

This Was Just What I Was Looking For

Wealthy Affiliate has a project-based coaching strategy that requires anybody who ties (For Free) during the crucial foundations of the globe of on-line revenue.

This process kind of requires you responsible. The most significant idea you must do would be to just take actions! It’s like performing your assignments (I mean… when it’s interesting) and your instructor providing you with a great score every moment you reveal it to him or her. You sense you need to finish the lessons because you understand you’ll get one step closer to getting your fantasies become a reality.

There a ranking score on your display, showing you how great you are. The more exercise and lessons you finish and how you help others users the higher you rise on Wealthy Affiliate’s positions.

It’s all about to learn and share your knowledge

The Community On Wealthy Affiliate Is Their Largest Advantage

But believe there is a rivalry feeling in because of this. Rather the contrary. Everybody is super nice, decent and kind; every one of them offers you their assistance and desire you the good luck and achievement!

A community where you can learn how to get your online success and help others once you get skill, there’s no be better feeling than this one, when selfish is not around

In the event that I Was You Didn’t Take My Word For It, I’d Go And Try It For Myself

I don’t take my word for it if I read this quite review saying this amazing info about Wealthy Affiliate all. I would go to Wealthy Affiliate and take a look by myself.

The most useful part, It is 100% totally free to join. Yeap, for the Beginner Membership option you will need to pay NOTHING, ZERO, It’s like creating a free e-mail account. You only must complete an application and you are in.


When You Complete Your Free Lessons

As a Free member, I decide to explore all the system and then start learning step by step!

Luckily, for the time when I join I had some free time for me and analyze the system and I needed to finish the lessons myself to see if it was not as bad as it seemed. As I said, I wanted this and training could be it.

It takes me around 7 days to finish the “Getting Started” Lessons and for me it was so valuable information and great step-by-step course that I take smart decision to become Premium Member, to get even more

It is an obligation to become a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate

Could I find the same info free of charge online? Properly, I understood several points:

  • I have been searching for the alleged blueprint of on-line to become a successful blogger and Internet Affiliate marketer years and there it was, immediately, in front of me. The master mind behind Wealthy Affiliate were successful writers with Wealthy Affiliate and proven track records was “just” a 12-year-old business.
  • I actually wanted an excellent training as I did certainly fail all my efforts in internet businesses before several years (guys, since I think about it… Da#%, Wilson 🙁
  • Certain, I might allow the count down timer reach zero before I made my selection and when I felt comfortable about it, I might later spend the total cost of $47. Even this sum is not that high. Think about how much you invest daily on your papers and magazines — when you can find free online information sites — and how significantly that totals by the end of each monthAdditionally,

I understood that all of my doubts were reasoned although nothing stopping me from committing myself to making my wishes come true and eventually going forward.

The first month with the reduction that is 59% would just cost me a just 19 dollars. The worst thing that can occur might be waste 19 dollars, but it had attempted.

If Free Account Was Great, Wait Till You See Premium Membership

Therefore I determined to purchase buy my way in and I turn my Free account into Premium membership. This would give me more time makes me strive even harder to finish the courses and to see if this was actually what it looked.

If the available stuff for members that are free is awesome… the paid membership gets even better.

More Classes and lessons available, even better assistance with immediate private emails (you may contact the owners immediately for help… and they actually reply!!!), video and e-seminar coaching with one-hr periods of questions and solutions after the webinar is complete and much, significantly more.

(Click here to seeFree vs. Premium difference.)

Furthermore, now… how about we get practical!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate (W.A.)- www.wealthyaffiliate.com is a base online training university, it was launch back in 2005 and now in a day has more than 250,000 active people discussing experiences and supporting each other succeed.

It specializes in the online affiliate marketing model of income that is passive

Who are Wealthy Affiliate Founders?

Wealthy Affiliate’s founders are Kyle and Carson, who are also active members of the WA community. They spend most of the days doing their best to enhance and build upon what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and trying to help their pupils.

Before launching WA Carson and Kyle were blog  and Internet whiter entrepreneurs with great successful. They also own one of the best keyword tools research on market right now: Jaaxy

What’s Wealthy Affiliate All About?

It is an online training university which includes a Step by Step, training way of teaching its students the best way  to learn a new skill set  sets you can succeed and make money on the internet.

In the very first “how to assemble and create a site”, through the “understanding how exactly to generate income online”, “choosing your market (niche)” and “locating the appropriate keywords” to “making the utilization of the finest Search Engine Optimization techniques”, as entrepreneur can find in W. A. everything you  need. (And those are only issues from just one class!)

Wealthy Affiliate Pros?

It’s a training university that has a class by class, job-based lesson way of educating its students the best way to master skill sets that are several to be able to triumph and generate profits in the world that is on-line.

Whether you’re a newbie to a skilled blogger or the online business world, I presume you can be helped by WA

Wealthy Affiliate’s advantages are:

  • Not need a credit card to join free, just email and username
  • NO software/ setup and program download needed — you can log in from desktop, tables, and cellphones and everything is online just like Gmail or Facebook /notebook, tablet computer and smartphone
  • Learn at your own particular pace approach
  • NO stress or you are going to lose a great “opportunity” forever
  • The step by step lesson lessons are wonderful, they allow you to want to complete them fast to get nearer to success and your goals
  • Its courses about everything connected to starting a website or site and making money from it: in the very basics to the more complex techniques
  • Making you discover in the finest in the industry and develop a company attitude that transforms you in to a successful entrepreneur


Update techniques and skills

  • Its support system that is advanced with instantaneous chat, comment system, newsgroups, classrooms and direct messages
  • Being surrounded by like-minded people, pro writers and effective Web entrepreneurs, including W.A.’s owners Kyle and Carson, who can assist you and share their experiences in this great and new journey
  • Even if you arrive at the top, you’ll however desire to be around, because you are going to be constantly in touch with the changes in the market and will get the greatest indicators on the best way to defeat eventual issues and pitfalls that could appear and you will become familiar with new and exciting business opportunities

Wealthy Affiliate Cons?

Don’t assume all product is ideal and perfect. Perfection is something to take for, a target to try to attain. Being that thus, Wealthy Affiliate as some factors in which it might improve:

  • For novices, the quantity of fresh information may seem too overwhelming (this point is either positive and negative at once); it takes some time to “calm down”, focus on an area and start (but even that’s easily solved by the huge “Getting Started” button)
  • The communication between members is so great, one might get lost in the dialog and lose focus on studying (again, negative and positive, concurrently)

I think WA’s design could be improved. There are a lot of possibilities, buttons and options can be distracting sometimes. But this really is very much my personal opinion, I prefer a cleaner layout with tons of white spaces

I think WA has so many wonderful things to offer that it becomes crumbled and individuals might get confused occasionally. But it truly is really up to you. Are you wanting to succeed and focus on your own goals, or does one would rather chat around and lose yourself in dialog, reading every comment when analyzing and you need to go?

Wealthy Affiliate disadvantages are mainly caused by individuals who pick the second option, not actually its actual imperfections. Its cons just vanish, I remember this.

Who can get benefit using Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate fit perfect for any person who needs to learn, grow, preserve and be up-to-update on a big set of abilities needed to attain successful in Affiliate Marketing business.

For internet users who are tired of scamming products and peoples who really wants to learn How to Make Money From home.

For beginners  who know nothing about internet market, intermediate who has failed to have success online and for pro users who wants to learn update skills for their website

I could not be more general!

Wealthy Affiliate is for:

  • Moms who want to work from home to get their own money
  • Anyone appearing to make an additional income on the side
  • Local company owners that have to get a better comprehension of site building and Search Engine Optimization
  • Men and ladies interested to learn How Affiliate Marketing Works
  • Folks attempting to become an affiliate marketing online
  • Retired folks needing to have more cash in their pockets
  • Working people who want more income to pay their invoices
  • Folks wanting to leave their 9-5 jobs to have the freedom they’ve always dreamed
  • Anyone looking quality, rapid and dependable website hosting options
  • Web enthusiasts desiring to assemble their first websites
  • Local business an additional income on the side And much more
  • Local company starts earning profits from their sites
  • Guys and girls owners desiring to have a more powerful online presence
  • Folks attempting owners that need to get a better understanding of SEO and site building
  • Folks wanting to have more income in their pockets
  • Anybody looking who need more income to pay their bills
  • Web enthusiasts to quit their 9-5 jobs to have the liberty they’ve constantly dreamed
  • And much for WordPress quick, quality and reliable website hosting solutions

I have seen a variety of members at Wealthy Affiliates. Individuals who know nothing about Affiliate Marketing didn’t even understand what domains were, to intermediate, pro users who own their sites and some experience and skillful users who were getting a full-time income online.

When they joined Wealthy Affiliate and others were making an income from the Internet, some of them learned everything taking this training

In few words I can easily say: Wealthy Affiliate if for:

  • Anyone who is simply beginning and doesn’t have the foggiest idea about a thing about building sites, WordPress and affiliate marketing
  • Bloggers and site owners who are looking to learn how to Make money with their websites.

What Kind Of Support Is Available At Wealthy Affiliate?

W.A. has an awesome quick and great quality support system including:

  • Live chat — it generally takes no more than two or three minutes before somebody answers your questions
  • Questions and answers
  • 24/7 WordPress supports
  • Classroom system

I will be there too in case you need my help if you join through any of the links in this review I will receive a message to give you my personal welcome 😉

What Type Of Tools And Training Is Available At Wealthy Affiliate?

W. A. has numerous training segments that include but are not restricted to:

  • “Getting Started” broken up into 10 classes of 10 job-based lessons — just the first class can be obtained with the Beginner membership — this part of the program train you to generate profits from it and the best way to begin a market website
  • “Affiliate Bootcamp” split into Ten step-by-step classes  — again, only the first is accessible into a Beginner User — this module teaches W.A. pupils how to start a website in the “make money online” market and earn a revenue with it
  • 1 hour every week of webinar with the course you choose

W.A. provides an entire set of tools which comprise but aren’t limited to:

  • FREE WordPress themes and plugins
  • FREE Keyword Research Tool
  • FREE Fast Writer
  • 2 FREE website so you can start or practice with your passion
  • Unlimited WordPress Sites (Premium Members)
  • Live Chat where you can ask anything you want

Differences Between Free And Premium Membership?

What is the Price for The Wealthy Affiliate Training System?

You can use Wealthy Affiliate in 2 ways: Free and Premium:

  1. Starter kit $0  It’s 100% Free to join and be trained, you can stay free forever if you want.
  2. Premium kit $19 the 1st month (I recommend if Premium is what you are looking for, to join the first 7 days after joining and receive a 59% discount) and $47 the subsequent months. If you want to do so you may cancel at any time.

My View, Closing Verdict  And Personal Recommendation

As you can see on my website there are a lot of product review, but there is only 1 Recommendation and this is WA.

Is not just Wealthy Affiliate is legit but undoubtedly A FANTASTIC CHOICE for each and everyone looking for inclination on master the best way to begin, build and keep a web-based business /extra income source.

I ‘ve many, many years of expertise online, I’ve created a lot of websites as I could go back in time in my memory  and I don’t risk waste my money on whatever appears the tiniest touch of funny. That’s a “luxury” that any person with duties can’t manage to have.

I would simply believe if Before becoming a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate if I had any doubts:

  • There are a lot of happy entrepreneurs here, I’m sure they can’t be erroneous
  • The first month is only $19; that would be all I’d if Wealthy Affiliate was a scam lose
  • I use PayPal pay them  if I don’t enjoy it, I just nullify the monthly payments that are recurring  and I’m gone
  • It’s hard to find complaints about WA in more than 10 years of online —
  • To get trained and understand something else, where you additionally must spend; moreover, WA’s monthly charge is quite affordable for what it provides (feel about it, the equipment, hosting, websites, the aid, the assistance, the neighborhood, the information)

So yes, I become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I needto discover even more. I enjoy their step-by-step training strategy that retains me answerable. The “take actions now ” model is awesome and wake me up to start doing something for myself and eventually be one step closer to complete my main goals and living my dream.

I really can tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is amazing and I completely recommend it to you personally. 

It’s time to stop doing more research for your legitimate Online Affiliate Marketing Training program, you already found it! DO IT! Sign up here and try it for FREE and then give me your opinion!

Special Bonus

Again FREE is FREE, but if this kind of training program is what you were looking for to start your online success, I highly recommend to take advantage when joining using my website of a 59% discount if you upgrade in the first week, that’s just a $19 for you first Premium membership.!

Once you join the program I will receive

I will be there to welcome and professionally help you and I’ll describe everything you need to start and receive your bonuses. In fact, the 59% discount on your own first monthly Premium membership fee is ONLY ONE of the bonuses I ‘ve waiting for you. Come in order to find out what else awaits you (you’ll adore it!).

Talk to me

Ufff After reading this long review, some questions might come to your mind or you’d like to tell me about your Wealthy Affiliate experience, Feel free to give your opinion in the comments section below. I will be happy to help to receive your feedback

I hope you enjoyed reading this review as I did writing it,I just had tons of fun writing this review.

See you there, Regards

Wilson 😉

Wilson Tavarez

I get scam over and over again because I make the same mistake every newbie can make "I want fast and easy money". I waste my money and time with the scammer.Now more than 10 years later I help others to avoid internet scam and teach them the safe way to Make Money Online.