Ways to Boost your Snapchat Following as a Business

Ways to Boost your Snapchat

Despite all the truly amazing things being said about Snapchat, the service is limited when it comes to helping users get more following—it’s difficult becoming discovered by others. Some or most companies would rather use Facebook or Instagram or Twitter to get more people to see their companies.

The reason, of course, is because those websites make it simpler for individuals to discover new and more users. In a little while, you will learn four approaches to improving your Snapchat following as a company owner. This brief, but insightful do it yourself [DIY] article will change your outlook about the program, and help to propel your business to another level.

It is a mobile picture sharing program that’s revolutionized how people associate online. Released in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, the app now matches Facebook with regard to daily mobile video views. Last April, Snapchat was shoulder-to-shoulder with Facebook, recording 8 billion daily video views on cellular, according to Statista. Ever wondered why every social media website out there [including Facebook and Instagram ] needs to reproduce every attribute of Snapchat? The truth is, the mobile image sharing program have a special manner of doing things.

Snapchat rated first among social network websites with the highest number of teenagers and young adults. Did you know that as a business proprietor you can target those set of people [teenagers and young adults] and foster your following on the cellular picture sharing app? Here are four ways to enhance your Snapchat following as a business owner:

#1. Investigating the ability of your address book

Following people isn’t simply enough as it pertains to getting more following on the picture program that is cellular; there are different methods to do it. Among the simplest ways to do it’s by adding friends instantly from your address book; by tapping on the ‘Ghost icon’ on the house screen, a characteristic that may be discovered.

This empowers your address book to crawl and sees if any of the amounts there’s linked with an account. After that, you can select to add them as friends as well as hope they return the favor. Another way around this is by importing the phone numbers of your Facebook buddies to your smartphone’s address book and see how a lot of your buddies are on Snapchat.

2. Connect or add Snapchat to your blog/website


You can add or business site and your snapcode where visitors follow and can scan.

3. Makes your code that is Snapchat visible on other social networks

By making your Snapchat code present in virtually every other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can bring more following. You may even send tweets including only your snapcode on time and specific days out.

4. Use the new ‘Suggest button’

Recently, Snapchat added a new ‘Suggest button’ seemingly to assist you to get more followings. You can request your followers watch your following grow, and to suggest your account to others. This feature works the same way like buttons and the retweet work on Facebook and Twitter .


Those are four approaches to improving your Snapchat following as a small business owner—hope you find them helpful.

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