Does Touchstone Crystal Jewelry MLM works? Complete Review

Company Name: Touchstone Crystal

Prices: $139

Rating: 46/100

Official Site:

What’s It Touchstone Crystal?

A jewelry-based MLM selling comparatively high-priced jewelry.

Brief Review

Touchstone Crystal offers a big assortment of jewelry that is pretty adequate but is fairly tight-lipped about their chance. However, this is still another celebration-based MLM, which implies that selling products and recruiting is a whole lot easier than it really is. No matter the jewelry, there just isn’t much possible here.

Product Classification

As merchandises go, jewelry is an appealing one, which is partly why there’s such a big jewelry business. After all, many girls are inclined to purchase jewelry on a pretty regular basis, particularly when they find something unusual or new.

At the same time, people tend to select jewelry based on personal taste and emotions.

I do need to say that I don’t understand all that much about jewelry before we start on the merchandises. So, I can’t really say for certain whether the products from Touchstone Crystal are appealing to women or not. But, hopefully, you can from the images.

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The first thing to note with the company is they do have an adequate section, including a variety of designs.

touchstone crystal review

The first thing which stands out to me is the assortment. From the company’s site, I estimate anywhere from 400 to 500 individual products. That’s a pretty notable list, especially as the company does also change its products selection up based on the season.

The prices for products vary somewhat across the selection, depending on what the specific thing is. For instance, I saw some necklaces that were around $50, while others were closer to $100 or $150. That is certainly a fairly common pattern what you pay is dependent upon the type of product that you’re looking for and in regards to jewelry in general.

However, even with that version, the merchandises aren’t expensive. You’re looking at at least around $50 for a necklace and considerably higher for some of them. Also, the earrings cost from around $30 and up. That’s a major difference to various other firms (like Paparazzi) who’ve fairly low-cost products.

touchstone crystal review

All things considered, the price here isn’t a major dilemma. So, the demand does exist. In reality, some people even anticipate jewelry to cost this much.

There’s also one other thing to contemplate and this may play a part in the cost. In particular, the jewelry makes use of Swarovski crystals, which does have a fairly good reputation. Nevertheless, for the most part, this is costume jewelry, so you won’t discover precious jewels in the pieces.

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Now, because this is an MLM, it’s a little bit tricky to learn how good the products actually are. As many websites review the chance rather than the products if you do some digging, you might notice this. Furthermore, websites that do review the products are often associated with providers in some way and have a tendency to be biased.

I did notice that some sites talked about enjoying the sparkle of the jewelry and its weight, which suggests the quality is pretty decent.

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For the most part, the reviews that I did find were favorable. To me, this is an indication the jewelry is at least somewhat adequate. It’s very likely the reviews are exaggerated somewhat. Still, I ‘d expect to see more negative feedback online if the products didn’t live up to expectations.

Thus far, merely looking at the products, I believe Touchstone Crystal looks not bad!

Opportunity Break Down

In general, the products from Touchstone Crystal seem to be pretty decent and the costs aren’t horrid compared to what you find in shops. This might imply the business is a good means to make some cash. On the other hand, the products are just one side of the narrative. It’s additionally crucial that you contemplate what’s involved in the chance if you need to join the firm.

Touchstone Crystal encourages its chance with the exact same general techniques that you find on innumerable other sites. This makes the opportunity sound interesting and easy but any legitimate way of making money isn’t quite straightforward.

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In reality, that’s one thing I want to make clear. Touchstone Crystal is an MLM opportunity. This means that it follows the popular version where providers make money from sales as well as from recruiting others.

I’m going to get into the specifics of the model briefly and show you exactly how it works.

Though, I want to talk about sales and about recruitment. The marketing for this company makes both of those processes seem simple. After all, making sales is as simple as showing off the product and getting folks excited, right? Well… not actually.

Members of MLMs frequently find they have to shove on friends and family into buying products, which is tremendously damaging to those relationships.

And, that’s only making sales. Recruiting is more difficult again. Do you know many people that would have money, the time or inclination to get involved with a business? Most won’t. Plus, there’s a great chance that at least some of the folks you recruit won’t be really dedicated. That’ll impact your ability to generate income too.

My major point here is that recruitment and sales are much tougher than most people assume. Should you be even considering any other MLM or Touchstone Crystal, I propose taking a serious look at whether you could make sales week after week, month after month. That’s hardly close to the truth.

The Compensation Plan

Like many MLMs targeted at women, Touchstone Crystal relies as a way of selling products on house celebrations. The thought here is that you hold celebrations at somebody else’s house, which gives you accessibility to contacts and their buddies.

Those celebrations provide a chance to showcase the various products that Touchstone Crystal has to offer and to show folks the catalogs. Some of the bonuses you can earn are based on the performance per celebration, while some are based on your own team. The business makes this approximation about those celebrations.

touchstone crystal review

Technically, that estimate is most likely right but it’s also deceptive. To begin with, I doubt that most members would be able to hold one ‘average’ celebration each week. I’ve actually known distributors for companies that are similar and many have fought to even hold one party per month. They found that after the first few parties, individuals normally lose interest and quit making purchases.

In several cases, the approximation of an average party is, in addition, not accurate. As an example, I’ve seen by only contemplating members who are truly making a certain amount of sales MLMs make this approximation, and are consequently considered active. I envision that the average for a bash would be considerably lower if you should contemplate all members.

Really, the dwelling party model only doesn’t operate – not anymore.

There are simply too many businesses selling products in this way and your prospective customers will get sick of them quickly. With the on-line world of purchasing the cheapest and the best with a little research, going over with a “superb once in a lifetime bargain” to Becky’s house merely doesn’t make sense anymore.

Extraordinarily, the business supplies very little information about their real settlement plan. For example, most businesses that are similar have a PDF of video showing the various positions and bonuses but there isn’t anything here. So, I can’t go into this in detail. Nevertheless, I can pretty much guarantee that the construction is going to be the same as just about every other MLM out there.

The notion is that you earn some commissions from the amounts under you, based on your own rank in the business and their functionality. As your team gets bigger and more successful, your rank increases, as do your bonuses and your gain.

However, this all hinges on having the ability to create a successful and substantial team. Recruiting and even fundamental sales are tricky to pull off, as I’ve mentioned before. Can you imagine how much more complicated it is to create an extensive team that actually makes sales? That issue alone is a key reason why many people neglect at MLMs.

Due to that, members frequently wind up pressured into spending their own money on jewelry, making it much harder to turn a profit.

Other Comments

Any MLM, including Touchstone Crystal, is going to have its ardent followers alongside a few people who are genuinely successful.

That’s not completely false. But, attempting to earn money in a model that’s piled against you is never a good plan. There are other strategies that let you earn an income without having to pester your family and friends for cash and are much more strong.

In many ways, the biggest issue with the MLM model is simply that there is no advantage to it. Rather, there are bunches of things that make making money harder than it should be and little motive to test out the model. Frequently, people merely focus on the standing of the company or either the products but you can sell good products for a well-known business without relying on MLM.

Closing Review

Poor business model with little earning potential for a full-time business if you don’t plan on recruiting a sizeable team of distributors, great products.

As a means to earn money, MLM is inherently complex and strongly relies on person-to-person sales and interactions. In contrast, affiliate marketing is one and another tactic that is considerably more powerful. With affiliate marketing, the model is incredibly simple so you do ruin family relationships don’t need to pester your friends and you’re using online marketing approaches.

Under the affiliate marketing approach, you market products online. You earn a commission when folks follow your link to buy them. In some cases, your commission might get higher as your sales increase but that’s it in terms of complexity. As such, it’s a very easy approach. Locate folks that desire items, then sell them that things.

After all, selling to 5 people directly requires much less work than selling to 20. But, the difference between 5 and 20 online is pretty much nothing. Your site sells things 24/7/365 and does the work. This is affiliate marketing functions so well as an income opportunity and through time it is something you can become a decent income.

Affiliate marketing does entail making your own site but don’t let that scare you away. Everything that you need to know is not difficult to learn and among the best locations to do so is an online training site called Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a long time member of the website and it’s taught me a tremendous amount about how to achieve success on-line and the best way to keep growing my company.

This short video explains how exactly Affiliate Marketing Works

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