Sun Money Network Review: Safe To Join Or not?

Name: Sun Money Network

Official Website:

Overall: 45/100

Safe to Join: Not sure

There’s been some buzz concerning this business, so I decided to inquire what it was all about.
The good news is that I ‘m going to walk you through the company, products, and settlement strategy so you could make the appropriate decision.

Sun Money Network – The Business

Sun Money network based out of Europe and started in 2015.

Tóth Levente is the General manager of the firm, but there’s no other info on him.
I did locate him on LinkedIn and shows that Levente is a Doctor Of Law (J.D).

Also, he owns a tourist flat business in Hungary and lectures at Eötvös Loránd University.
That’s all I got on the company, let’s keep digging…

Sun Money – The Merchandises

It looks like Sun Money Network doesn’t have services or any retail products, but gives affiliates the ability to boost the membership.

That’s all

Sun Money Network – Compensation Plan

That is a ton of advice on the Sun Money Network preparation strategy
Fundamentally, affiliates invest in packages on a promise they will get some type of monthly ROI.

This is what that looks like:

What you should notice is that 20% of the ROI payments to you must be reinvested back into the business.

Recruiting Fee Payout

Sun Money Network affiliates are paid 10% commissions on the funds invested by brand-new affiliates.

Residual Commission Payout

This company pays residual income through their binary compensation plan construction which has TWO legs (left and right).

The binary can be filled directly or indirectly and volume on both sides monitored.

Once a quantity is tracked, you get paid on the lesser leg and the left over volume than is rolled over to the next payday.

Volume on the weaker leg is capped at 33% or less of volume generated on the binary leg that is more powerful.

The fee percent you get on the weaker leg will be established by which bundle you invested in:

• Miniature Bundle – No MLM commissions
• Basic Bundle – 5%
• Silver Package – 7.5%
• Gold Package and higher – 10%

There are six packages you can pick from:
• Mini Package – €30 EUR
• Basic Bundle – €150 EUR
• Silver Package – €500 EUR
• Gold Package – €1000 EUR
• Platinum Bundle – €2000 EUR
• VIP Package – €10,000 EUR

The real difference between them is the income possibility in the binary compensation strategy which I mentioned before…

The Miniature Bundles doesn’t let you take part in the business opportunity.

Sun Money Network – Final Word

Right off the bat it looks like Sun Network is getting those ROI’s by newly invested capital paying off existing members, but they promise that it’s coming from sourced electricity generated by solar panels:

“Money comes from the produced electricity of the solar panels, operated by SunMoney community solar plant.

SunMoney sells the electricity produced by the solar panels to companies.”

The Radalko Technologies Limited is a company group member of a global group of investors.

“The owners of the international companies are interested in several business and industry, energy sector also (natural gas, petroleum, solar energy), and international trade as well.

The owners of Radalko Technologies Limited has many successful businesses, and decades of business experience.”

Again, there isn’t any info on who the firm sells electricity to…

If they are truly getting their ROI’s through electricity produced,why do they desire affiliates involved?

They could just merely turn €10,000 EUR into €15,000 EUR every consistently… month,

In other words, they could simply take a small loan and retire rich lol.

It’s only weird when they are producing ROI’s through their solar panels… that they are asking for investments from affiliates,

Also, they say

“The measure of the monthly rental fee depends on the sunny hours. So at winter, it is less, at summer it is higher.

If you follow the system correctly, you will receive more money from the rentals- during the rental period – than you paid in originally. Following the system means, you pay attention on when and what business package you purchase.

The business package is only contains performance in a part, the rest covers the entitlement for the future direct and network fees.”

Something simply doesn’t add … up

This is a PONZI scheme if the ROI is coming from recently invested funds paying off existing members then.

Proceed with care with this one, only make sure the are in fact

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Sun Money Network review and if you have any questions, leave them in the remarks below…

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