Storeenvy review, Does it really works?

Name:Store Envy

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Overall: 55/100

What is Storenvy about?

Based in San Francisco, CA and created in 2009, Storenvy is an online social market where independent retailers can sell their exceptional, creative goods through their own storefront to consumers. As a shop owner, Storenvy supplies you with a chance to reach thousands of shoppers, and to become an independent retailer in as little as five minutes.

This can be achieved in two ways:

Private Storefront – Where it is possible to customize to differentiate yourself from your competition, this acts as your very owner corner of Storenvy.

Market – For example: Imagine which you sell handcrafted scarves. The shopper would then find a way buy through you, and to buy through Storenvy, or click on your website’s link.

Despite lots of traffic on the website, though, Storenvy now has a D evaluation with the Better Business Bureau.

When shopping Storenvy’s website, it is possible to browse through thousands of products in Marketplace groups for example Books, Health & Beauty, Technology Gadgets, Accessories, Clothes, Jewelry, and much more. Storenvy gives you the skill to “Envy” the thing, which will be basically adding it to your Favorites list if you locate a product you like. You are going to be able to see the rest of the shoppers who’ve added it to their Favorites at the same time following this happens. ” it’ll appear on the Popular page, which further raises its ability to develop more “Envys.” as a merchandise gathers more and more “Envys It will help to raise its sales, and boost the merchandise.

Therefore, all sales are subject to regular PayPal fees, which are now set at $0.30 2.9% per trade. Additionally, shop owners will be totally in charge of processing their own refunds including shipping charges that are related.


Some of Storenvy’s custom attributes include:

  • Command all your product’s characteristics, including pricing, pictures, descriptions, etc., with an infinite merchandise capability.
  • “ and customize brand” your shop to distinguish you from your competitors.
  • Purchase tracking – handle and see all incoming orders.
  • Create/offer reductions.
  • See your shop’s stats using Storenvy’s built-in analytics.
  • Cellular apparatus and tablet-friendly website.
  • Enthusiasts can shop right out of your Facebook page.

And more…

Does Storenvy Make Cash Out Of Your Sales?

On the other hand, the firm asserts that as of early 2014, they’ll start taking a set percent from all sales that happen through their Market. Moreover, Storenvy says that they are going to also be executing a Market Sales Share next year, that’ll become an incentive to drive more sales to your own storefront.



  • Attribute-filled Marketplace and Custom shops, which are totally free.
  • Simple set up.
  • Infinite products.
  • Storenvy has the possibility to be used as a promotion tool for your Marketplace shop.


  • 15 complaints with an entire D evaluation, and the Better Business Bureau.dislike
  • Distinct refund policies that shoppers must always check on, according to the seller they buy from.
  • While Storenvy promises they have a zero-tolerance policy toward scams/dishonest retailers, there exists a window between when the scams appear on the website of opportunity, and the time they can be shut down.
  • During this time around, Storenvy does not have any control over these kinds of trades.
  • A lot of complaints and angry users


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