Solavei Review, What is this company about?

Name: Solavei

Rate: 75/100

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What is Solavei about?

Solavei is a cellular service business that offers the chance to by registering others in this system to bring in an additional, recurring monthly income. Gains potential is limited only by the number of attempts you’re not unwilling to put in.

We ’re making business even profitable and less pricey by giving you an excellent chance to bring in additional recurring monthly income on services and the products you use daily. By choosing not to spend vast amounts on TV advertisements or billboards and instead spending it on the most effective marketing power on the planet Solavei does it! We believe your own recommendation is the best marketing available, so we pay our members to tell family and friends. You’ve got the chance to bring in recurring monthly income.” simply by sharing Solavei with others

Solavei Network Characteristics and Pricing

The Solavei cellular telephone service is really a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means it doesn’t have its cellular network but is constructed on the backbone of Tmobile 4G network. Furthermore, it is possible to keep your existing phone number when changing to the Solavei network. When you share with friends and family, your service can be totally free.

Does the cost of Solavei compare?


Will My Telephone Function with Solavei’s Service?

Unlocked GSM telephones (ones that use SIM cards) are perfect for Solavei’s service, whether this contains your handy preceding-generation telephone, or the most recent Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5.

Solavei Share and Bring In (Settlement Strategy)

Instead, you are going to only bring in a recurring $5 per month. Consequently will no more send three members simply to start producing income that is recurring.

Thus, it seems that Solavei maybe failed to initially expect that many participating members would be drawn by it on this kind of scale.

Fast Side Note:

Provided that you’re an active Solavei Mobile Service customer, after that you can become a Social Member, which entitles one to accessibility, personalized invitation link, and your very own Solavei Visa PayCard to the proprietary Outreach Manager software, which makes it possible to share Solavei with others.

Settlement Plan members have the chance to bring in actual cash by just sharing the Solavei service with family and friends. Whenever you register a brand new member, you are going to receive a $5/month credit, so long as their accounts stay present.

If Solavei’s Mobile Service is unavailable locally, you can nevertheless bring in income through the website.

Solavei Pro And Cons


  • Infinite voice, information, and text and picture messaging.
  • No overage contracts, credit checks, or fees.
  • Use your favourite SIM-equipped telephone, or buy one directly.
  • Get income through Solavei if their Mobile Service is unavailable locally.


  • Much of your gains are garnered by your sub through registration -members, which may cause monthly income to fluctuate. Moreover, your settlement strategy could change at any time when Solavei views appropriately.
  • Because Solavei relies on Tmobile’s network, precedence can be taken by their customers in some places, which may change reception/service.
  • You’re just given 4G Data with a 4GB limit, after which is brought down to 2G Information although Solavei promises to supply endless information

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