Jaaxy Review: Best Keyword tools Right Now?

Find the Best Keyword Tools is always an extremely smart move.

They’ll push in front of your competition.

Keywords basically are: The foundation of search engine Optimization (SEO).

You ’ll learn the Jaaxy keyword tool is among the finest — if not THE GREATEST keyword search tool — in its field.

I.e., when it comes to studying for golden nugget keywords that turn routine sites or sites into money making machines.

I’ve created an extensive and comprehensive Jaaxy keyword tool review that is super that will show you everything you have to know relating to this awesome on-line tool that is a keyword.

Very quickly, you may find out if Jaaxy is for you or not.

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What You’ll Learn With Jaaxy Keyword Tools

Eventually, I’m going to give you a FREE keyword search on Jaaxy in order to see how powerful it’s and a FREE Jaaxy pricing strategy with 45 searches included.

By the end of this post, I’m certainly you’ll have everything you need to determine whether to go for not or Jaaxy; or, at least, give it a good try for FREE. (When I say “free” I mean… FREE!)

The Online World Of Business Opportunities

With more than 3 billion users online that is active, there are tons of on-line business opportunities quite prosperous and still untapped.

Consider it: how many customers does a street corner flower shop in your neighborhood get? How about if it was found in the World’s downtown and open 24/7/365 and its customers were the world ’s inhabitants all? Welcome to the online world of business opportunities.

The tendency would be to keep rising. More and more people are going online to leadership pequenopurchase more and more products than ever before — time is money and people find it cheap, quick, efficient and convenient to buy things on the internet.

Marketing hasn’t had such a strong tool as the web. For marketers, it’s like trying to find gold with the high-tech metal detector.

Key Word Rush

Like you, thousands of other internet marketers are seeking for the best ones.

I like to compare the online marketing age to golden nuggets to the gold rush period and keywords that are good. Keyword tools work like groundbreaking gold detectors that may help you find golden nuggets faster and easier, better than the competition.

Now… it’s just a matter of getting the most accurate gold detector (keyword finder tool). Where Jaaxy comes in this is.

Jaaxy Keyword Tools Review

Jaaxy is an online keyword finder tool (or a niche keyword tool, if you prefer) that can reduce your keyword research attempts down to some bare minimum. Whether you’re trying to write the following popular article to your blog or beginning a new niche website, Jaaxy can assist you.

Jaaxy collects search data in the three major engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) and exhibits it in a simplified fashion.

Unlike Google Keyword Planner that’s an instrument geared for AdWords advertisers, the collected search data is presented by Jaaxy in a more acceptable manner for market pursuing people like me and you. It supplies lots of other useful material and advice about keyword competitors.

(Nope, Google Key Word Planner’s “Competition” column does not associate to the number of competitor websites for a specific keyword. It informs you of the number of rivalry between Google AdWords advertisers for a special keyword. )

I must confess. I’m exceedingly obsessed (forgive me the redundancy here) with keywords. All of us understand that bloggers must write for people, not for search engines (individuals buy, robots don’t…), but it won’t hurt if you decide the best keywords when you come up with your next blog post. Right?

Why I do keyword research daily that’s,

What Jaaxy Is Not About

If you think Jaaxy will hand you readymade golden nugget keywords with just a click of a button… you’re wrong. No keyword tool has the capacity to do that. Life would be much simpler if they were.

Or… NOT. Because everyone who had a keyword research application would get exactly the same keywords that are golden. This would create insane levels of competition, turning great keywords into garbage in seconds.

Rather than delivering those keywords on a silver-plated, Jaaxy supplies you with powerful tools that make the keyword search procedure much quicker, accurate and fun. It can be addictive!

Jaaxy Is Actually For

Jaaxy is great for lots of things including but not limited to:

  • Revealing unexploited high traffic niches
  • Finding low competition keywords that produce it easy to get instant positions
  • Learning how competitive a keyword is
  • Knowing how much traffic you can expect if you choose a specific keyword and standing for it
  • Brainstorming new niche and thoughts that are keyword
  • Building to-do lists for your jobs
  • Unveiling keyword metrics that’ll assist you to boost your Search Engine Optimization endeavors
  • Saving your keyword lists and arranging them by subject
  • Helping you decide whether you should bet on a special market or not
  • buying and Hunting new domain names and reversing them afterward
  • Knowing what’s trending and popular on the web right now
  • Taking advantage of Google’s Immediate Alphabet Soup technique mechanically
  • Finding affiliate programs for keywords and your market
  • Figuring it out if there’s cash to be made in a unique niche
  • Revealing your website and posts rankings.
  • Learning how competitive and posts positions.
  • Knowing how much traffic high traffic markets
  • Brainstorming new competition keywords that produce it easy to get instant ranks
  • Assembling to do a keyword is
  • Unveiling key you rank for it and can expect if you select a specific keyword
  • Saving your ideas that are keyword and new market
  • Helping you decide lists for the projects
  • Searching word metrics that’ll enable you to boost your SEO endeavors
  • Understanding what’s trending word lists and organizing them by issue
  • Taking advantage of Google’s whether you should bet on a specific market or not
  • Detecting affiliate and purchasing new domain names and switching them after
  • popular and trending on the web right now
  • Revealing your website Prompt Alphabet Soup technique mechanically

What’re Jaaxy Advantages

Jaaxy is an instrument that is powerful with tons of features that are exceptional, I would like to enumerate some of them:

  • Practically no learning curve on how to use it
  • Really user-friendly and a friendly interface
  • Lightning fast
  • Super exact data
  • No unneeded items nor worthless advice to distract you
  • It’s an on-line application, meaning it is possible to use it on any PC, on every other sort of computer or a Mac
  • It’s mobile friendly, you can use it on any device like your Smartphone or tablet computer (despite its operating system)
  • No software setup or download
  • Because there isn’t any software download or installation, there’s also no software acquisition cost (see Jaaxy’s pricing plans)
  • Upgrades/upgrades are done on its back end. You don’t and you’re always served with its latest stable version need certainly to wait for any variant update/upgrade
  • It makes it possible for you to find good keywords to use on your ads if you intend to advertise on some other marketing platform or AdWords
  • Revolution in finding high traffic keywords
  • combines it with its own proprietary info and Gets info directly from Bing, Google, and Yahoo
  • Uses a hub of strong servers on the backstage to calculate its results in seconds
  • Has great training stuff available
  • There’s a support that is fast and reliable
  • Useful for all levels of other business changes that are on-line, domain name flippers and internet marketers.

What’re Jaaxy’s Disadvantages

The best part is that the Jaaxy team making the existent ones better still and is constantly introducing new features.

Let’s see Jaaxy’s minuses:

  • It’s hopeless to select whether we’re targeting local or global searches (which may be important in some situations)
  • There’s no choice to select the language
  • The lowest pricing strategy can not be just a little cheap for folks starting out in internet marketing
  • There are some characteristics that you simply won’t use .

Who Need to Use Jaaxy

Jaaxy is great for lots of levels and online businesses of expertise.

Take a look at who can gain from Jaaxy’s attributes:

  • Market pursuers
  • Article marketers
  • Domain flippers
  • Website flippers
  • Online/Pay Per Click advertisers

SEO firms that are:

  • People who want to ‘spy’ on their competitors
  • Viral-news website owners searching for new tendencies to leverage
  • Internet marketers wanting to know how high their websites and posts are ranking on the SERPs
  • Local businesses
  • Email marketers wanting to find issues that are hot to address on their lists. Click advertisers
  • Post marketers
  • Search Engine Optimization companies that are
  • Professional to ‘spy’ on their adversaries
  • Domain

Who Is Behind Jaaxy

Jaaxy is owned and was co-founded by precisely the same men who possess and co-founded Carson, Kyle and the Wealthy Affiliate University. As usual, they used their long lasting experience in internet marketing and online businesses to create a tool that was easy to use, strong and quality driven.

They would not create something inaccurate or useless and still use it merely because, right?

How Good Is Jaaxy’s Support/Training

Jaaxy has a fast and dependable support team, ready to answer you in a useful and timely manner. You want it you can expect a courteous and good response from them.

When it comes to training side of it, we’re talking about Kyle and Carson here. These guys are known due to their own training school (amongst other successful projects, of course). So training is top notch too with lots and helpful videos of quality information regarding the inner workings with this awesome tool. (See below where I explain how Jaaxy and its tools work.)

Jaaxy Tools Operate

Jaaxy gives you a lot of good information which is important to understand when you put it to use.

Watch this video that reveals a keyword search summary so you can actually see it in action using Jaaxy, (Note the interface design has evolved to something even better and more straightforward.)


The video is excellent but…

I’ll give you a more comprehensive explanation on how to proceed with them and what those metrics mean.

Jaaxy Review table

Jaaxy uses a state of the art algorithm to ascertain precise keyword competition within search engines to give you a reliable amount.

  • Avg. Monthly Searches:That is the total search traffic for that keyword on Google, Bing and Yahoo joined. If you plan to create an article with that word 50 is the magical number
  • Estimated Traffic: Is the monthly minimal traffic you will receive if you get rank in google,
  • Quoted Search Results (QSR): The lower this amount is the better. When you’re just starting, an intention for the low hanging fruit keywords (I’ll talk relating to this notion later) which is less than 100. A pretty good number is 300 and 200 is good. Over that things start to become more challenging and harder for you to rank
  • Keyword Quality Index (KQI): the traffic light system gauge shows you a green, yellow or red light to classify your keyword. Crimson is poor, Yellow is not bad and Green is amazing
  • SEO Power: ranging from 0 to 100 and based on the previous scores, this metric tells you if your keyword is not bad for SEO. Significance: how easy it really is if you’ll get an acceptable amount of visitors and to rank for a specific keyword. Over 80 is not truly bad
  • Domain Name Search: checks and tells you if there are precise match domain names for 8 different TLDs (domain extensions) available for the chosen keyword
  • To Do: allows you to add your keyword to your to-do list and links it to StreetArticles.com , a top article marketing website.

On the sidebar of your search you should see:

  • Related Keywords: Jaaxy proposes keyphrases for one to dig deep into your quest that is keyword or closely related keywords

But you still have several extra features and tools left to investigate!

  • Site Rank: for checking how good post or your website is rating greatly.
  • Alphabet Soup: takes advantage of Google Immediate feature to add all letters of the alphabet to your own keyword/keyphrase based on genuine searches people are doing to give you more long tail keyword thoughts
  • Saved Lists: compile your keywords into lists to arrange them by topic or market. Only tick which ones look great in your search results and save them into a keyword list. Later on, you’ll be able to deepen your investigation and examine how great those keywords actually are when it comes to potential traffic and rivalry.

Key Word lists can be exported in .CSV or .TXT in order that it is possible to import them into your favorite spreadsheet program and evaluate them offline.

You’re additionally able to rename your Saved Lists after or open them, select some of the keywords and save them again in a different (maybe more focused) keyword list

  • Search History: use it to remember your previous keyword searches even if you did not save those keywords to your lists that are saved
  • Search Investigation: See which sites/pages are recorded on the top 10 positions of-of Bing Google or Yahoo Yahoo. Amazing to know everything about your competitors. Spy on:
  • Many words are being used on those pages
  • a number of backlinks to those websites/pages (backlinks help boosting website ranks)
  • outbound links
  • Alexa position
  • Affiliate Programs: you have to know if there’s money to be made in that market after your keyword was found by you. This tool locates products and affiliate programs for you to promote and build an income from
  • Brainstorm: a fine feature that helps you conquer writer’s block or those times when you’ve got no more thoughts for what niche to go for. It picks the latest trends from Yahoo! Buzz, Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter Trends.

How Much Does Jaaxy Cost

There are two paid pricing plans on Jaaxy and one free pricing plan.

Free Plan (Price: $0)

It’s a great chance for you to see if it is something you’d be willing to pay a monthly fee for and to test out Jaaxy works, what it is. It offers you 30 searches queries of any kind (Keywords, Alphabet Soup, Search Evaluation and Affiliate Software).

Pro Plan (Cost: $19/month)

The plan that is Pro has everything you should begin your keyword research quest. It is said it was designed for folks new to internet marketing, but I believe more seasoned internet marketers also can take advantage of this plan (provided that they aren’t working on plenty of sites at precisely the same time – see the Enterprise plan for that need).

For $19 a month you’ll get:

  • 3 times more rapid research (compared to the free strategy)
  • Boundless keyword searches
  • QSR Key Word competition (on demand – it means you have to click a link to retrieve it);
  • Domain Name availability (on demand)
  • Search Engine Optimization Power analysis
  • Site/Post Rankings
  • Keyword lists
  • Brainstorm feature
  • To-do lists
  • 2 coincident search tabs alternative
  • ‘Spy’ your opponents analysis.

Business Strategy (Price: $47/month)

But if you bring things to a degree that is completely different and are looking for more power, extra attributes, Enterprise Plan is for you. It was crafted for more innovative internet marketers who should compile huge lists of keywords for their (own/customers) sites and websites.

It has all the Ace plan attributes and even more:

  • Works 5 times quicker in relation to the free plan (if Jaaxy was already rapidly, it just got even faster, which reduces research time a LOT)
  • Gives you immediate rivalry evaluation
  • Shows immediate domain availability info
  • Data sorting is currently available
  • And it even has a few extra features accessible.

Assess this comparison chart to better understand the differences between Jaaxy’s pricing plans.


Low Hanging Fruit Key Words

If you’re wondering what “low hanging fruit keywords” are, I’m going to elucidate you.

Picture this: a nice apple tree with lots of apples that are large and succulent. The biggest and more lovely apples are on the highest part of the tree and everybody wants to catch them. Whereas few folks think about the low hanging fruit which can be so bad but is a lot easier to attain.

Translate this to you’ll and Keyword Research Language know that “low hanging fruit keywords” means keywords with less traffic but more easy to rank for because there’s also less competition.

When you begin a fresh blog, I think the best strategy would be to aim for the low hanging fruit keywords for the website to gain page and domain name authority in the very beginning.

In Jaaxy terms, it means you ought to look for low hanging fruit keywords with less than 300. Less than 200 is exceptional and 100 is an ideal amount.

You just need to write quality content that helps people and makes sense.

You’ll be ready to start targeting an increasing number of competitive keywords after obtaining that SEO boost.

Your following move will be to add a link to that more competitive keyword targeted posts (after your wrote and published them) on your own sidebar or menu. Having those strategic links there will help spread the SEO power making they climb on the SERPs.

(Simply pick keywords/keyphrases that seem sensible. Occasionally, incorrect key phrases that grammatically show up with low rivalry and high traffic. Such keyphrases have those metrics as they are the ones Google Instant implies when folks start to type inside their search terms. Not genuine aware searches people do. Don’t target them, because it will be your direct path to failure.)

Domain Search

Much is said whether ” exact match domains are preferred by Google “ or not, but the fact is that when you include keywords in your URL it will help you with your SEO efforts a great deal.

Well, a domain name is… part of the URL, isn’t it? Therefore I imagine it wouldn’t damage one to have your primary keyword within it.

Why do you believe there’s a lot of money to be made in the domain industry? The fact is that domain names function substantially the same as (on-line) real estate properties.

If you’re about getting the domain flipping company thinking, Jaaxy can be your tool of choice.

Jaaxy lets you search for available domain names right on the spot so you could catch them before your competition does. It can be used by you to finding Google prepared domain names, determining in case a domain has immediate worth, purchasing lucrative ones and establishing your successful business as a domain flipper.

Don’t Just Take My Word For This, Check It Out For Free

It’s all a matter of trying for yourself to see how it goes. The best part is that you could do it free of charge.
You won’t while you’re at it even lose money; quite the opposite, you can begin to make some cash right now without spending a dime on a keyword research tool.

My Personal Point of view

Without keywords, search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo wouldn’t have reasons to exist. Nor would search engine optimization. Keywords aren’t just significant, they are the fundamental element of search engine traffic. Key words entice visitors and visitors bring prospective revenue which means money.
This makes keyword targeting one of the most important parts of businesses that are online. Because will only get more challenging, bypassing the keyword research procedure is shooting yourself in your foot.

Why keyword tools are important that’s. They turn the key word search step accurate, quicker and substantially lighter. As I said before, it’s like going back in time to the gold rush period with a gold sensor that is powerful.

Don’t just imagine what new niche you’ll bet on or what popular post you’ll compose now. Do your homework, research before taking those important and time-consuming measures.

They’ll save you money, headaches and above all time.

I do my keyword research each and every day. It’s the perfect means to stay ahead of the competition. Jaaxy has saved me lots of time – since it’s a daily action of mine and Jaaxy is really quickly. A whole lot has been helped by it and I have found lots and lots of ideas that were keyword that were new that mean more money and success for my companies.

Conclusion & Verdict

• It’s an on-line keyword tool that is trustworthy
• It’s super easy to use and enjoyable to work with
• It offers you dependable results
• It shows you comprehensive advice on your own competition that is keyword
• And it is really quickly.
Jaaxy was created and is maintained by the same team who founded and owns

Jaaxy was created and is maintained by the same team who founded and owns Wealthy Affiliate, which is an extra credit as it pertains to trusting in what you’re going to get.

So my final verdict couldn’t be more favorable.
Jaaxy isn’t merely a topnotch keyword tool that is online, it is the best one out there.

Try Jaaxy NOW for FREE!

Special bonus

Business plans and Jaaxy’s Professional now have free bonus training material: two exclusive videos and a keyword wealth PDF file with tons of golden nuggets keywords for you to use promptly.

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Tell me all about it, I want to read your views, personal narratives, and comments!
Thanks for reading my Jaaxy review!
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