Instant WordPress Domination Review: Safe to Join or not?

Name: Instant WordPress DominationInstant WordPress Domination Review

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Overall 70/100

Owner: Keefe Lee & Jackson Tan

Price: $37

Instant WordPress Domination Overview

Instant WordPress Domination was created by Keefe And Jackson and upload yo Clickbank this June 2016. Those guys promise to have created the greatest course which will teach you everything you should know about WordPress to dominate the search engines and drive lots of targeted traffic to your website.

Can you really learn everything you need to know to master WP by seeing a few videos and become a specialist at SEO?

Let’s see….

I have been trying to master the craft of Search Engine Optimization and become a specialist WP user for close to 4 years now,

I have been trying to master the craft of Search Engine Optimization and become a specialist WP user for close to 4 years now, I don’t call myself an expert and while I do understand a lot about Search Engine Optimization and navigating around WP.

Nevertheless, I was really impressed with the quality of these training videos and I managed to learn a few things about WP that I didn’t understand so that’s definitely a plus.

Within the following review, I aim at meticulously analyzing this application in detail and revealing you not or whether this product is worth your time, money, and energy.

What Is Instant WordPress Domination All About?

This is a 14 video training series that covers everything from Installing WP on your website to learning how to use for affiliate programs and install Adsense on your own sites.

I will list everything that you’ll gain access to if you’d decide to join below!

Check it out!

In Video #1: You are going to have a basic introduction that will guide you easily through the process. You will get to know the best way to make their greatest use for your business and the way to construct strong WordPress websites.

You can choose a good domain name as per your preference for your company.

In Video #3: You will get to know details about the best way to purchase web hosting. It can be done through various sites and is essential for your website can’t be live without electing for web hosting.

In Video #4: you’ll understand just how to set up web hosting and domain so as to install WordPress, topics, content etc in order to make cool income.

In Video #5: you’ll have the capacity to know the way to install WordPress. The measures will be shown to you clearly so as to clarify any doubts in the procedure that is entire and make you feel relaxed.

In Video #6: you’ll get helpful information about the best way to create sites for local businesses. This video is basically focused on setting up your website in an easy manner.

In Video #7: You will come to understand significant sources from where you can get high-quality content composed that enables you to get higher search engine positions.

In Video #8: You will get acquainted with about affiliate website setup. In this video, you will understand how to find high paying niches for affiliate marketing and how you can go about niche research.

In Video #9: You will get tips about affiliate site set up and what variables have to be kept in mind in order to get best results for your business.

In Video #10: you’ll understand details on how exactly to get useful content for your affiliate site. Remember that high quality professionally written content gives a boost to your search engine positions.

In Video # 11: Here, you will get to understand about other significant features you must keep in mind and market research.

In Video #12: In this video, you’ll understand about site set up and important points that must be considered.

In Video #13: This is the last video for AdSense website setup. Here, you’ll be learning about content and what variables are needed to be given significant also.

In Video #14: Decision Video that helps you to revise everything that you learned in this class.

Instant WordPress Domination Review

Who’s Instant WordPress Domination For?

This program would be perfect for anyone who’s interested in learning just how to build affiliate sites and learning about WordPress.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom looking to make some additional money, or a college student looking for a means to settle his school loans, you could perhaps reap the benefits of this program.

Then think of this as an added advantage, additionally if you find that you just learn from watching a video than reading a bunch of text.

Instant WordPress Domination Pros And Cons.


  • Training is cover a lot of points
  •  Comes with Clickbank’s 60-day money back guarantee
  • It’s not expensive


  • Extra concealed prices that aren’t mentioned on the sales page
  • Some of the videos are extremely vague and fail to go into detail
  • Deceptive Marketing techniques (Claims to be a biz in a box)
  • Shows you how affiliate marketing works, but neglects to provide you with any tools to get started
  • Encourages you to purchase content instead of teaching you the best way to write your own
  • Their sales page looks like a 2-year-old wrote it

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Will Instant WordPress Domination Actually Wind Up Costing You After All Is Said And Done?

For a mere $37 you’ll gain access to this 14 video training course and gain access to the member’s area.

If you came to this review under the belief that you’d just need to pay $37 for a business in a box afterward I’m afraid you’re going to be tremendously disappointed in what I’m about to tell you.

In order to set up any of this, you’ll be needed to buy several other products/services from businesses that are outside which can get rather expensive.

I’ll list each of the services you’ll need beneath and show you how much money you’ll need to put money into each one!

Domain Name- This usually runs about $14.99 per year. If you were to go with Godaddy or Namecheap to buy your domain names you’ll be sold lots of things that you don’t need and have a battalion of upsells.

I Buy All My Domain Names Here to avoid being billed extra for services which should be included with your domain name.

Web Hosting- Now of hosting the price can fluctuate determined by the quality and what package you decide to go with. Usually, most hosting firms can get expensive as $ 100 a month and tend to start out at $ 10. My No. 1 Recommendation for web hosting is: Bluehost

MUST READ: How to start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

Website Builder-
The prices for this service range anywhere from $15 up to $50 depending what business you decide to go with.

Don’t and be overwhelming and incredibly complex, particularly if you’re a newbie know what you’re doing.

Let’s add these extra costs all up and see how much you’ll really be required to pay if you want an opportunity at making money with this system ok?

Domain name- $14.99/ year
Website Builder- $15/ month

If you add these prices to the first cost of the training videos then you’ll be looking at around $80. Additionally, let’s not forget that a few of these costs will be a recurring monthly/ yearly payment.

Let’s compare Instant WordPress Domination with the application that has shown me how to get a 4 figure income from home in under 1 year below!


Is Instant WordPress Domination A Scam?

This program is definitely not a scam and I think I ‘ve given it a pretty high rating, for this being a Clickbank product.

If you have recommended of how WP works and have some knowledge about websites overall the training provided within this application is pretty decent.

However, if you’re building websites or a newbie who has no previous experience with Affiliate Marketing, you might end up being confused than you were when you initially started hunting for info on this program about how to make money and scratching your head.


One of many things that really concerns me about this plan is their deceptive marketing.

You are lead to believe that everything you need to get started is contained in your $37 investment , which couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you are a newbie who’s just getting started you’ll need to sign up for multiple businesses which can be a pain in the butt, to begin with, and will simply add to your confusion.

This means that in order to handle your company you’d have to keep track of log-in info for each one of these services and set up multiple payment arrangements with several companies that are online.

I don’t like to expose my credit card number to everyone out there online, although I’m not sure how you guys feel about this!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a centralized area where you could manage all of this and save yourself the confusion?

I’ve got some great news for you, my pal and I’m here to inform you that a place in this way really does exist.

It is Wealthy Affiliate (Read Complete and insider Review)

I ‘d highly recommend that you just check them out and see what they can do for you in case you are seriously interested in learning how to earn money online then.

I truly trust this review has given you guys an inside look at everything that comes included with this program before spending your hard earned money on it.

Do you have any experience with this program that you’d like to share with others? I ‘d love to hear all about it and I’m certain other people would as well.

Leave your comments, stories, and any opinions you’ve got for me in the opinions below.


I hope this review help you in someway and if it does drop me a message below, also if you have any question



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