Hip Hop Abs Full Review Pros And Cons

If you’ve seen an infomercial for Hip Hop Abs you’ve probably thought to yourself, it’d be great if it works! With so many fitness programs advertised on TV it’s easy to get inundated with all of the latest systems. Sorting them all out and determining which to invest your time and money in can be daunting.

Hip Hop Abs uses a variety of different exercises all geared towards strengthening your abdominal muscles, and all set to the beat of hip hop music. For several years it was one of the best-selling fitness programs on the market, but does this mean it works?

The Claim
“Get flat, sexy abs without doing a single crunch or sit-up!” It doesn’t get much clearer than this in the world of claims made by fitness program marketers.

Shaun Thompson, better known as Shaun T, goes on to claim that it was this program that got him his washboard abs, and not the Insanity program that he also hosts. A bit of fact-checking reveals that this indeed was the first video he made for the Beachbody company, and that Insanity followed afterward.

This is not to say that he got his abs from using Hip Hop Abs. For these celebrity fitness trainers it’s their way of life. It’s how they make their money. They have to be magazine cover fit at all times so they closely watch what they eat, and exercise every day usually for several hours.

The Hype
Some of the more sensational claims are that you’ll be able to completely transform your body in 30 days by following the program as instructed.

Another upsetting thing is the obviously paid fitness models claiming that the results she has obtained most likely from a life devoted to fitness are from Hip Hop Abs.

The next glaringly obvious bit of hype is the “undeniable proof” in the form of before and after pictures of alleged users after using the program.

The Cost
Hip Hop Abs costs $73 including shipping. They break it up into three payments of $19.95 and tack on the $12.95 shipping to your first bill.

The Commitment
As with any fitness program you have to actually get up and do the exercises if you expect to see any results. Even though Hip Hop Abs promises that you won’t have to do any crunches or sit-up, and you won’t have to use any machines, what they have in store for you might be even worse.

The program really gets you moving and doing exercises that will definitely target your abs and give you a good workout. The only problem is that most people will not have what it takes to get started on this program and keep with it long enough to see the promised results.

The product itself is not the culprit of those unsuccessful people that tried it and didn’t get results. The video workouts will work up a sweat, and the exercises geared towards targeting the abs are effective. They may not be effective enough to produce rock-hard six pack abs, but they will strengthen your core, and make your abdominals stronger.

To get a six pack you need to have a body fat percentage of about 8% or below. This takes lots of intense training and a strict diet. That’s why so few people have them, and fewer keep them for long periods of time. This is also why abs programs are one of the most notorious products that get the most negative feedback, because it is so unlikely that someone would try the program and get a six pack as a result.

Final Hip Hop Abs Review

You’ll have to follow a good eating regimen, and stick to the workout programs featured in the package, and even then you may not get the total body transformation that is purported on the website.

Our Recommendation
Spot treating your body for problem areas is rarely effective. You should take a total-body approach. Focus on eating better foods, in better portions, and getting moderate amounts of daily exercise. There’s no rush to transform your body in 30 days, and trying to do this and then failing will only make your problem worse and made you feel bad about yourself. Slow, gradual weight loss is the best long-term approach. Pass on Hip Hop Abs and take a more rational, relaxed approach to fitness.

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