Gmail Scam Alert for 419 Scam

This is fun, these scammers try to find new ways every day to try to scam honest and hardworking people.

The main problem is that sometimes they succeed with people who are going through a difficult situation economically and in its desperation are easy to fall in this people games.

A few days ago I received an email to my Gmail selecting from Google as ” One of our active Web -Email user This Year ” and Giving up a prize of $ 750,000.00 , putting myself in the shoes of a person with little knowledge and needed money , would be very easy for this niche market fall into such traps .

What to do if you receive this mail ? Send a Message to the UN your email provider with the following message

Hello QQ (change with your, find out at


Email address [email protected] is used as a “419” spam maildrop.


Email address [email protected] is used as the sender of “419” spam.


Email address [email protected] is used in a “419” scam, see below.


Please suspend the account.


Thank you!

Firstname Lastname


Wilson Tavarez

I get scam over and over again because I make the same mistake every newbie can make "I want fast and easy money". I waste my money and time with the scammer.Now more than 10 years later I help others to avoid internet scam and teach them the safe way to Make Money Online.