Why did I make a review of a course “Online Entrepreneur Certification“? Well just because with this review I can help others who are seeking ideal tools (free of course) to realize their dreams no matter what it is.

This course literally changes the course of my luck some time ago, but that’s a long story and I’m not here to bore you with the typical story of how I got success on the internet.


Anything new can appear to be overwhelming at the first time It is normal that when we are dealing with an issue that completely unknown or not fully understand, all this information is a little overwhelming, it is very important to follow the step by step without skipping a lesson course.

There is something in life that I usually call “The Time Machine” we cannot go to the past to make things better, if I could I was the first in line to go to the past, but that’s not possible, what if can it go forward and that person in the future we will not repent of the person we are today. Today could be a great day to start improving our future.

Before you go may you would like to know first how Affiliate Market Works in my review.

Disclaimer: This is not a getting-rich-quick program, success don’t come overnight.

Level 1 – Getting Started.

In this first 10 lesson you will learn:

wealthy affiliate lesson 1

As you can see in this first stage you’ll be familiar with how the market works online these days. What I have to say? This lesson has great a solid information that will help you get to know the online market, this first lesson is practically solid gold and you can follow step by step, because is designed for people who do not absolutely know nothing (Beginners) and you can learn at your own pace.

Level 2 – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website 

After a week of getting familiar with affiliate marketing and other technical things that probably you did not know, in this “second week” will have our website, so it is no longer child’s play, we are growing.
wealthy affiliate lesson 2


By this step we leaving behind child games and began to be adults on the Internet, with these 10 lesions of level 2 where you will have learned to:

  • Understanding the Principles of Website Traffic
  • Transferring Your Website to Your Own Domain
  • Choosing a Domain That is Ready for Success
  • Building an Experience That is User Based
  • Setting Up Your Own Domain Specific Email Address
  • Getting Unlimited Traffic from Low Hanging Fruit
  • Creating Content That Converts
  • Become Proficient Using the WordPress Editor
  • Making Your Content Beautifully Engaging
  • Creating Content That Targets Affiliate Programs
  • Getting Loads of Traffic From Product Reviews

What I have to say:

Well, we’re a bit advanced and perhaps because some have seen his first commission at the end of this step. Already completed this course has a clear concept of how you can make money from home, of course only if you have followed step by step this course.
But something must already be clear, you’re in the best hands to learn with guided videos of Kyle.


Ok it’s time to have fun, let the party stared

At this point you already have a good website, you know how to create content and have some visitants, it is now time to turn those visitors into money that is the same as saying that we will monetize the traffic.

In fact this-this level 3 of our course is about:

wealthy affiliate lesson 3





After finishing this course you already know:

  • Fully comprehend the “Customer Purchase Lifecycle” process
    How to earn money through affiliate programs in your niche
    Understand the benefits of affiliate networks (and which ones are best)
  • How to effectively incorporate affiliate links into your content
  • Understanding the numbers associated with a lucrative business in the online world
  • Leveraging affiliate promo materials (images & banners)
  • Where to gain instant access to promote MILLIONS of products within every niche imagineable
  • How to add “shopping” widgets to your website
  • Monetizing product reviews on your website
  • How to get INSTANT access to product news within your industry
  • How to benefit from Google Adsense on your site
  • Understanding the difference between earning big commissions or working for pennies on your site
  • Earning revenue through singular product reviews
  • A tricky advertising technique that very few people know about

What I have to say:

This part I did it 2 times, maybe I’m a little slow or maybe I understood that was the most important for me, it is the moment where the money comes to my pocket.

At the end of this course, it was that I ended up finally to realize that I could make money from home legitimately and without misleading others with the annoying scheme.


Although SEO is very important for a website, we cannot put aside the social networks they get a specific audience for the product you want to promote.

Way back in 2006 social networks were not as important for a website, but I don’t know now if I should remind you that we are in 2016 (Aja Aja) and here you need to have public social networks.

With Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, it. we’ll get traffic to our website.

wealthy affiliate lesson 4
Things are not made just because, must devote the time they deserve, quality time, if you are not willing to make an effort, you will always be almost successful and not completely successful.

After completing this level you’re going to be able to:

  • What Does Social Marketing Mean to Your Business
  • Why Social Engagement is More Important than Social Marketing
  • Making Your Website a Place to Engage
  • How to Amplify the Sharability of ANY Content That You Create
  • How to Become a Facebook Powerhouse
  • Understanding Facebook EdgeRank
  • Using Visuals to Attract a Following
  • Using Pinterest to Explode Your Campaigns
  • How the Twittersphere Really Works and How YOU Can Benefit
  • How to Compose an Effective Tweet
  • Leveraging Google
  • Implementing Google Authorship to add to Your Credibility, Brand, and Click-throughs
  • Making ALL of your Activities Online Social by Nature
  • Easy, Simple and Effective Ways to Earn Through Sharing
    When it is RIGHT and WRONG to use a Social Medium
  • Setting Yourself Up for a Lifetime of Social Engagement and Success!

What I have to say:

What if I tell you that 45% of my traffic comes from social networks and not from google, yahoo or bing? That’s how important are social networks today, and that is why this course entrepreneur has dedicated a full course only social networks.

With this course I learned to take advantage of the maximum social networks for my own benefit.

Level 5 – The Business Of Content.

The content is what keeps alive our website, if we don’t publish content we’re going to have a slowly die, no matter what the site or concerned, without content all the effort will have been in vain.

This is what we’ll see in our last lesson:

wealthy affiliate lesson 5

This is what you get from this lesson:

  • Content production and how to do so efficiently
  • Creating visually appealing content
  • Using webmaster tools and the benefit to your business
  • Getting people to actually read and engage in your content
    Planning for a successful year of content creation (and business)
  • A reveal and analysis of real life conversions
  • Getting indexed and ranked into the other big search engines (Bing & Yahoo)
  • A long term strategy session for a brilliant website
  • How to properly outsource aspects your content production
    Scaling your content, rankings and traffic in a cumulative way

What I have to say

This last part of the course helped me to see the contents of a very different way, so much so that I upload content to my website weekly, not just any content, well done and fresh content.

Final Thoughts

I have to say I had so much fun bringing this content to you, I have loved if someone show me this type of content a few years ago where I lost a lot of my life on things that do not take me anywhere.

If you liked what you’ve seen, you can join at Wealthy Affiliate to see the complete Online Entrepreneur Certification. It is 100% free, no credit card required and there’s no obligation whatsoever.

Or if you want to see my full and complete review about Wealthy Affiliate you can do it too.

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