Fat Loss Factor Review 2016. Does it work?

Fat Loss Factor Pros/Cons Review

Name: Fat Loss Factor
Website: www.fatlossfactor.com
Price: $47  / $4.95 2 Weeks trial(With 60 days money back Guarantee)
Owners: Dr. Charles Livingston
Overall Rank: 88 out of 100
Who it’s for: Men & Women

fat-loss-factorOne of the many high profile diet and weight loss programs that has continued to gain more and more popularity over the last year or so is The Fat Loss Factor. The program was thought up and put together by Dr. Charles Livingston, along with his wide.

The program itself covers all aspects of getting in shape from the diet and nutrition side to exercise, goal-setting and having the right mindset. It is worth noting that this isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution – there are 4 levels of difficulty you can choose from when beginning the program; these range from Beginner to Extreme Weight Loss, depending on your goals.

We took the time to go through the material beginning to end. Here are details of what you can expect to find if you purchase, as well as our full review of the content if you’re currently wondering “does it work”.

Let’s get into it…

Structure and Progression

Stage 1 – 14 Days in Duration

The first stage lasts for two weeks, and is a little unconventional when compared to some other alternative programs on the market. This initial two week period is basically a detox that’s designed to put your body in the best possible state for losing weight effectively for the rest of the duration of the program.

There isn’t so much of focus on exercise during this initial phase, although some light walking is recommended – it is all about cleansing your body and removing toxins by eating and drinking real, whole foods in the beginning. This is claimed to be the most important part of The Fat Loss Factor and should provide benefits such as a stronger immune system, more energy, better sleep and significant fat loss. These are all positive effects of eating in a way that allows your body to gradually remove the toxins that are a result of your current diet.

In terms of what you’re allowed to eat for the first two weeks, the rules are quite strict. Generally your meals will consist of fruits and vegetables, legumes and beans, oils and also nuts. You won’t be consuming many staple foods including meat, dairy, bread or sugary foods. Water will usually be your drink of choice.

All though this stage is fairly restrictive, it is only temporary and for good cause… removing those toxins! Try to stick to the guidelines, they are important if you’d like to see the best possible results from the program.

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Stage 2 – 10 Weeks in Duration

The second phase of the FLF program, which begins after the detox/cleanse, is referred to as the ‘Lifestyle Un-Diet’. It sounds confusing, but in actuality is pretty simple to follow and adhere to. Luckily, it is a LOT less restrictive than the 14 day detox you will have just completed when starting the program – so if you managed to follow the rules for the initial two weeks then things should start to get much easier for you.

A Look at the Lifestyle Un-Diet

There is nothing groundbreaking here if we’re honest, however eating as described in this section of the program is very effective for fat loss – so great news there.

To summarize the nutrition guidelines:

1. Consider the Glycemic Index when eating carbohydrates. Low-GI foods are definitely a focus point of FLF, and with good reason. Avoiding higher-GI foods has been proven as an effective fat loss strategy time and time again.

2. Consume a good amount of lean protein. Proteins are obviously essential as part of a healthy diet – they also aid satiety and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

3. Eat healthy fats. Avoiding fatty foods is a common mistake which many people make when trying to lose weight. Sticking to healthy fats such as oils, coconut and avocado certainly aids weight loss and improves overall health. FLF does a good job of advising what you should eat and what you shouldn’t when it comes to fats.

4. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables. Not much to say here – an obvious rule but a proven one nonetheless.

Obviously there are a lot of nuances to eating correctly for fat loss, and always exceptions to every rule. Fat Loss Factor does however do an excellent job of laying out what to eat and what to avoid, along with solid reasoning to back up their recommendations. If you follow what the program says then you won’t need to do any guessing when it comes to eating and drinking.

In addition to the detailed guidelines regarding nutrition, the program also makes a couple of other related suggestions and rules to abide by when it comes to eating.

The most noteworthy are:

Try to eat small meals throughout the day rather than gorging, and make sure you consume at least one raw item of food each time you eat

Don’t eat a large amount of calories last thing at night; try to balance out your food consumption so that most of it happens in the earlier hours of the day and gradually reduce as the day progresses

It is totally fine to take a day off approximately every week or so. Doing this isn’t going to ruin your progress, even if you eat pretty recklessly on this day. This tactic also helps you eat sensibly on the other days, as you have pre-planned ‘cheating’ to look forward to at a predetermined time without feeling bad about it. Lastly, your day is great for your social life as you don’t have to worry about eating the same as everyone else if you go out :)

Those are all pretty solid rules to follow, and should help you get even better results than if you’d just followed the food and drink lists only.

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The All-Important Exercise Element

No fat loss program would be complete without some sensible recommendations pertaining how and when you should exercise to accelerate results. FLF doesn’t disappoint in this department – here’s an overview of what you can expect.

Training Plans

Much like the nutrition part of the program, the exercise section has various options for you to choose on based on current fitness levels and the overall results you’re looking to achieve. There are three levels of difficulty.

The exercise schedule spans the full 12 weeks and gets progressively more difficult, although the program isn’t anywhere near as intense as something like Insanity orMax Workouts. Your training sessions will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, however for those days when you’re unable commit to a session of that length there are alternate workouts included which can be performed at home very quickly – in 20 minutes or less.

All of the exercises you’ll need to do in the program are demonstrated and explained – you get descriptions and videos. Some do require machines to perform, however there are workouts that can be completed at home as mentioned. All in all the workouts are designed to simply complement your healthy eating efforts and get the best possible results; this is not a pure hardcore workout program. The advice and recommendations are however good and will certainly assist you in shedding fat if you’re following the rest of the course.

Summary of The Program – What We Didn’t Like

The primary concern for us is that many people may see some additional monthly expenses in their living costs. This is due to purchasing organic foods and also needed to either have a gym membership or some basic exercise equipment to fully complete all of the workouts. Other than that, the advice in the program is definitely good and will certainly result in substantial fat loss if followed.

Summary of The Program – What We Did Like

Firstly, it works. Follow what’s taught and you will see excellent results. Secondly, things are kept very simple. Shopping lists and recipes are provided so you know what to eat, and all workouts are detailed so you know how to exercise. Thirdly, there is a focus on overall healthy lifestyles and mental well-being, rather than just weight loss – this includes goal setting and managing stress as well. Finally there is a lot of customization; you can really choose the right level for you specifically at every stage – not a one size fits all program.

Multiple verified success stories are available on the official site here – loads of positive feedback and encouraging weight loss results from past customers. See examples here.


It is also worth noting that a full 60-day money back guarantee is provided to anyone who purchases, so if you don’t like the content for any reason then there isn’t risk.

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