Fast and Easy Way to Get More Traffic

Getting Free Traffic it is today the biggest fail topic for entrepreneurs who create great and unique content, but anyway, there is no user landing to their website. In this little Post, I will give 7 Free Tips to get Free and Easy traffic.

1.Schedule Your Post

The best method to do this is by using a scheduling application for multiple platforms like Buffer or Hootsuite, or Tweetdeck for Twitter alone. You can plan your social media life, perfecting the posts and saving them to be sent out at a time when it suits you. This time can either be a time automatically picked by the application, or the time when you understand your followers are most active; it is up to you. You wish to be seen as a professional and if you are a site publisher, you must use one of these applications.


2. Fix Your Theme

Your website design hasn’t changed in the last several years if you’re anything like most publishers, and it now looks a bit outdated. Stop me if I’m wrong on this. Some free website builders like Siterubix advertise themselves as one-stop stores letting you create a fantastic site without recourse to high-priced programmers or designers. The tools provided on these platforms are definitely good enough for most people to build something themselves – but nonetheless, you need to occasionally review your subject.


Is the motif you used two years ago at the cutting edge? Is it properly emphasizing your affiliate banners and your latest content? Is there any reason for visitors to go there now if they haven’t been on the website this week? Fully being a successful affiliate marketer is about posting content that is regular, but it’s also about giving the demo it deserves to that content.


3. Nix Those Duplicate and Dead Links

Every so often, we all have a cleaning session in our dwellings, and we find things we did not know we had, and which we undoubtedly don’t use anymore. You ought to try for a minimalist home if you wish to be happy, and in the same way, it pays to clean up your website’s links from time to time.


Keep your sitemap tidy and clean – you’ll thank yourself for it when your traffic picks up.


4. Hashtags Aren’t Just for Children

Social media is full of hashtags, especially on Instagram, where kids appear to use them for attention-seeking functions, or as a kind of cry for help. The continuous use of #fitspiration on the pages of sickeningly healthy folks and persistent and annoying hashtags like #eatclean has brought a lot of negativity and put many people off using hashtags on their own societal pages.


It shouldn’t put you off, though. Hashtags, on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, are the currency for post searches, enabling individuals to quickly find things that interest them. If you hashtag the related societal post properly, it is much more likely people will find and read your content or click on one of your affiliate links. Only… don’t overdo it. Two is excellent, three is okay, 35 is a bit needy.


5. LinkedIn Posts for Professionals

In terms of the family of social networks, LinkedIn is like the cap cousin who everyone assumed is dreary, but who busts out his or her winning moves on the dancefloor every Christmas. LinkedIn is commonly supposed to be a place where you log in, post your CV that is entire and then never check back. How true is this? It depends on how serious you are about increasing your traffic.


Your profile will be improved by regular posts associated with your work on LinkedIn as someone who folks believe they should read and as an influencer. It’s not a lot of trouble to add a post that is specific to LinkedIn – and your entire network of connections is notified if you do. It’s well worth trying.


6. Comment and Cross-Promote


Take advantage of this, and develop your standing within the community.


It shows actual community spirit to leave opinions that are positive, interesting and applicable within related forums that, occasionally, link to pages on your own website. Don’t crosspost unrelated content links on other people’s blogs and articles – it is annoying and might get you prohibited or blocked. However you can offer your view on this issue of discussion, and you’ll find that if people value the comment, they’ll give your site a visit. To sum up, do comment, but don’t spam.


7. Guest-Post

This is where you provide content for the site or station of somebody else, showing what a great content creator you are and linking to your own.

Engage your new audience, fit in with the tone of the website you are guesting on, and you are certain to see an upturn in your traffic.

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Some Last Suggestions:

Do not trust in programs which offer the get rich overnight and tells you’ll make money without any effort and no experience required”. Run away if you see anyone of those offers.

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