Easy Profit Secrets Review: Secret To Your First $100?

Name: Easy Profit Secrets

Official Website: www.thisisawesome.clickfunnels.com/eps

Owner: Art Flair, Lisa Curry, and Aiden Corkery

Overall: 58/100

Price: $6.42

Review Overview

This is an 8 video training course on selecting an audience to market to through Facebook Ads. It is a stretch from what the sales page makes out in relation to making money fast, although there is undoubtedly some great content within this for beginners and likely worth the 6 dollars.

Full Review

I came across this product last night after getting an e-mail from a marketer who’s list I am on. I was not expecting much because the marketer I am referring to boosts anything for a quick buck.

What Is Simple Gain Secrets?

Art Flair, Lisa Curry, and Aiden Corkery launched this product a couple of days past.


Seems fairly exciting, and similar to what the last 1000 gurus said.

Unfortunately, this ISN’T a brand new in theory and as I’ll reveal you, the product isn’t brand new either. This is a course on Facebook Advertising targeting.

After buying this product and landing in the member’s place, it turns out it’s simply a rehash of an existing product known as Triumphal Objective Guru that Lisa had already released.

Easy Profit Secrets 2017

From what I can see, Artwork and Aiden have merely helped her re- market and package this. Lisa is the only one presenting the heart training. Fair enough.

Once you get past the upsells on your way into this ($111.49 total) you’re greeted with a call to action to purchase more products and join a webinar, you’ll get what you paid for- 8 videos on FB targeting.


Video 1 (Summary)


This is an overview of the system and a fundamental and somewhat drawn out a video talking about the importance of finding a market. You also get an overall list of market thoughts within the ‘make money online’ space.


Video 2 (Market Research)


The fundamental theory of this system is to pick a niche, locate someone who’s a ‘guru’ within that niche and find them on Facebook. If this man has enough likes on their FB page, you then continue to log into your FB advertising manager account and examine the stats on those who have enjoyed this gurus FB page.

The cool thing relating to this training is that it’s an ‘over the shoulder’ case study style setup. By the end of this section, you need to have selected your niche, your guru and have noted down the features of that person’s audience to create a ‘picture’ of your market.

As in, what would your audience look like as an actual individual.

Video 3 (Audience Profile)

This video is all around going through some of the data you collected and refining your audience. Lisa writes out a profile of the ‘man’ she’s decided to target which shows you what you should do when you select yours. I think for newbies, this is a useful video.

Understanding your audience is vital and I believe this is a great basic way for beginners to learn to ‘drill down’ instead of just selling to everyone who needs to earn money online. It is nothing particularly groundbreaking, but it is definitely useful.


Video 4 (Digging Deeper Into Your Audience Profile)

This shows you how to use a tool that gives you the most popular posts on a given topic. This is simply a case of taking some of the interests you’ve already learned about your audience and plugging it in. For instance, if your audience is interested in email marketing, you’ll locate the most common and enjoyed posts within this group.


Video 5 (Analysing The Rivalry)

Lisa shows you a basic way of going through and seeing what your ‘guru’ is sharing on his/ her timeline and how many enjoy those places are getting. The thought is to pick the most popular ones since this further shows you what your audience is interested in and what you might offer them as bait to get them on your list and note them down.


Videos 6a & 6b (Creating FB Advertisements)

For a beginner to FB ads, this does provide a fairly valuable overview of getting some of the advice you have gathered and placed it into an advertisement. You’re shown some of an instance of what to write about the ad and the targeting choices. Nothing groundbreaking but useful content.


Video 7 (Your Landing Page)

Caps off the training with Lisa describing that this is truly only a ‘targeting’ course, and not email marketing or landing page training. I suppose this is for the myriad of people who are naturally believing… cool, so what now!?


Where is The Rest Of The Training???

Everything in this training appeared to be going well until I got to this stage.

It is not that a class should need to include these things, not at all. But when the sales video is telling you that this class will “make you money by tomorrow” then it becomes somewhat deceptive in my opinion. I am personally not a fan of this kind of overhyped advertising. Period.

Should you be a beginner (most people that purchase this) you will certainly have to buy a bunch of other items to make this work.


For example, you likely will need to purchase these:

  • Additional training on FB advertisement creation
  • Landing page applications (Lisa uses ClickFunnels which is about $100 per month)
  • An autoresponder


To be honest, some of those products/ training are unavoidable purchases for anyone serious about developing an internet business with similar methods or this. But they could easily add up to $100’s in weeks and added spending in additional time spent learning. This is a FAR stretch from the claim that you will just plug in and begin making money by tomorrow. See what I mean about ballyhoo?

Based on the page, you are getting “first video free” and then if you enjoy what you see you’ll be directed into purchasing the merchandise at a reduction.

In other words, something to give to folks in return for their e-mail. It’s not something you could use over time and a bad strategy in itself.

The thing is the manner the present it leads you to believe it’s the first lesson but in reality, it’s nothing to do with the center training.

Easy Profit Secrets PROS AND CONS

What It’s OK

  • Center training itself was good for what it was, learning the best way to target an audience within Facebook
  • Adequate amount of content for the cost ($6.42)
  • The info about targeting is truly useful and worthwhile understanding

What It’s Not OK

  • Sales material does not prepare you for what to expect

Can get extremely expensive, despite this training

• Mastering FB advertising, email marketing, landing page creation and internet marketing, generally, takes the opinion you can simply buy this and make money and time are BS

Closing Thoughts

If they truly told the story how it informed individuals that they were buying a course on Facebook Advertisements targeting and was, then I ‘d have rated this higher. Instead, they chose to tell folks you will simply sign up and start making money by tomorrow.

You will have to buy products and additional training to make this system function also, especially if you don’t understand anything about landing page creation or email marketing. It is not a scam, but you may be disappointed with this if you go into this expecting to make $100 a day fast and easily as a beginner.

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Some Last Suggestions:

Do not trust in programs which offer the get rich overnight and tells you’ll make money without any effort and no experience required”. Run away if you see anyone of those offers.

Wilson Tavarez

I get scam over and over again because I make the same mistake every newbie can make "I want fast and easy money". I waste my money and time with the scammer.Now more than 10 years later I help others to avoid internet scam and teach them the safe way to Make Money Online.