Does ZCode System really work in 2016?

Does ZCode System really work in 2016?

Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100
Price: $198 (With 60 days money back guarantee)

I’m not one of those who like the bet, but  I can say I love the statistics and how are you can affect the results of our lives. Whether you decide to leave work 10 minutes before or 10 minutes late and this simple fact trigger a sequence of events that can end at the end of dress up or ruin the day

I also love sports, so I was curious and decided to investigate the Z Code System; this research took me over because of the many 45 days review only trying to sell the product.

Finally, I decided to buy it and try, but thinking about the 60-day money back guarantee, just in case 🙂

What is it the Z Code System?

Z Code System is based on over 14 years of statistics in addition to those introduced daily to decipher which would be the most favorable outcome in different sports, in other words, a program to help predict 80.5 % of probability the end of programs any game

Even  in my case (I have to say) so far only I was operating at 61.3 % although the last two weeks has raised predictions 78.4 % which is pretty good.

What I like about this program.

Guarantee: The cost of the products it high, but the good it comes with the 60-day money back guarantee, so you can cancel it at any time and get you money back.

High percentage: The percentage that usually predicts the end result is 80.5 % according to the creator, but as I said earlier in my case been a 78.4% which is still pretty good.

What I don’t like about this program

The Price: $ 198 dollars is high for a skeptic who does not know what the product is about.

A lot of information. For an inexperienced person can become overwhelming at times.

Who is for this product?

This product was basically aimed at gambling lovers, sports enthusiasts and people who want to make money with sports either out of necessity or for fun .


Let’s see an example:

1. WIN 100 Pts St. Louis Cardinals
2. WIN 100 Pts St. Louis Cardinals -1 spread
3. LOSS 100 Pts San Francisco Giants
4. LOSS 100 Pts Washington Nationals
5. WIN 100 Pts Los Angeles Dodgers
6. PUSH 100 Pts Los Angeles Dodgers -1
7. WIN 100 Pts Arizona Diamondbacks -1.5
8. WIN 100 Pts Detroit Tigers
9. WIN 100 Pts New York Yankees
Total Wins: 6
Total Loss: 2
Total Push: 1
Winning Percent: 75%
NBA Results
1. WIN 100 Pts Miami Heat
2. WIN 100 Pts Miami Heat -2
3. LOSS 100 Pts Cleveland Cavaliers
4. PUSH 100 Pts Chicago Bulls -6
5. WIN 100 Pts Denver Nuggets
6. WIN 100 Pts Denver Nuggets -2
7. WIN 100 Pts Sacramento Kings
8. PUSH 100 Pts Portland Trailblazers
Total Wins: 5
Total Loss: 1
Total Push: 2
Winning Percent: 83%
If you made $100 per bet, you would have made $785 this weekend.

My final verdict

Although betting is not and I think will never be my main source of  income, who is going to say no to some extra money. I think few people, including the CEO of LinkedIn who distributed 14 million dollars recently among employees of that company , but mortal people, like me and perhaps like you, always need something extra.

I decided to give the opportunity to Z Code System and I can say that it has worked. It will not make you rich, but I can leave benefit a few thousand dollars a month .

If you decide to see what this product is all about, I recommend that you use the 60-day money back guarantee , just in case that is not for you, but please do not spend more than 100 dollars, just try the program first.

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