Digital Altitude Review: Just another internet Scam

Product Name: Digital Altitude

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Overall: 57/100

Safe To Join? Nop

Hi, guys Wilson again, today I’ll be reviewing Digital Altitude. I was taken from a fantastic small sales page that made a group of crazy claims; claims such as You Can Test Drive My $3,000 A Day System TODAY for Only $1.00!” to the merchandise

Once more, some enormous clickbait promises to hook the consumer’s focus on earning money online with overhyped projections. Let’s see if these claims can be backed up by the Digital Altitude system.

Let’s See…

Digital Altitude Review

digital-altitute-review-1To be totally fair for, there are some outstanding essential points about advertising and business in the training section. But, I could safely say the system they’re about making a kazillion dollars in several milliseconds hyping up isn’t going to work out just how you want it also. The system is MLM-established, and the price points for the products being sold are overly expensive – that claims cause it to be simple for me to not recommend this product.

An Elaborate Sales Page With Clickbait Headlines

It’s a guy talking about how he’s sippin’ a beer on the beachfront; he made $9000, and seemingly, it’s just 1pm where he’s.

I bought the trial after placing in my e-mail and was given access to the Digital Altitude merchandise called Aspire. I was taken to the main page that seemed super glossy once I got access to the merchandise.

I jumped into the training, and there were a few great points about the merchandise like to decide to investigate a little more.

The Good: Amazing Fundamental Principles And Presentation Of The Training
The chief two things that I found extremely beneficial was the fundamental principles that they talk about, and also the layout of the training supplied.

Considering the fact that the trial was merely a buck, I thought that the fundamental principles would be incredibly advantageous for anyone that’s new to business/advertising. The layout is outstanding – it contains a bunch of text guides, video, and a mp3 file to go along with

I thought this was advantageous because it covers almost every manner of learning possible – you’ve got visual, audio, and text to read if you’re one of those sorts of people. You also get entry to a coach who can assist you if you ever get stuck with anything.

As I said, there are several fundamental principles in here that would be valuable for someone totally new to this type of things – principles including traffic, conversion, selling high vs. low priced items, reinvesting, etc.

To be honest, it’s still information that is found on the internet free of charge, but considering the fact that the trial was only $1.00, I presumed it’d be worth saying.

So if you get all of this quality and organized information (and a trainer on top of that), then why can’t I recommend this merchandise to you personally?


The Products Being Sold Are Pricey As Heck

Basically, you get commissions dependent upon which product they buy, and how a lot of people you join. A dollar for a trial seems realistic, right?

  • High profit margins
  • No stock
  • No workers
  • No transport
  • No insurance
  • No obligations
  • The bundle that is priciest costs a whopping $27,000!

It’s Overrealistic And Incredibly Overhyped

The primary reason I don’t urge because I don’t consider the sales claims are aligned that they’re offering the merchandise is. It’s tough enough to distinguish a net customer from a couple hundred dollars, though alone . $27,000 Funnel them, the fundamental assumption of the success system would be to locate leads and expect they purchase the priciest products in order to get a larger commission.


Closing Evaluation: C
As I said there were some great basics, and they were presented in ways which were not extremely difficult to digest and learn.

Money and your time are invested elsewhere.

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Some Last Suggestions:

Do not trust in programs which offer the get rich overnight and tells you’ll make money without any effort and no experience required”. Run away if you see anyone of those offers.


Wilson Tavarez

I get scam over and over again because I make the same mistake every newbie can make "I want fast and easy money". I waste my money and time with the scammer.Now more than 10 years later I help others to avoid internet scam and teach them the safe way to Make Money Online.