Daily Web Biz Review: Another Scam has born

Name: Daily Web Biz

Website: dailywebbiz.com/earnwealth/offer

Also known as: online-jobs-today.com

Owner: Cami White (Fake Name)

Safe to join? Nop (Scam)


What seems to be an excellent income opportunity is actually only a sneaky scam designed to take your hard earned cash. There are many red flags with this application and as you’ll see, this is linked to an extended list of known scams. This is not recommended by me and you will see below.

Daily Web Biz Complete Review

The odd thing I discovered about this unique application is there are really 2 different variations of the exact same site.

On the other hand, there is a website selling the same merchandise that maintains it is about developing a web-based business around content marketing.

Is a link posting a content marketing company or occupation?

It just does not make sense to sell the same merchandise, for the same cost, on the same domain name but supply 2 completely different descriptions about what it’s. The narratives are not only distinct, they conflict each other fully.

So, What’s Simple Internet Biz?

I used to not purchase this software myself for many motives as I describe, but mostly because I Have bought and reviewed these exact same software before. The first sales page I showed you previously describes a well understand link posting scam, and it is probably the same thing since the second variant is selling exactly the same merchandise for the equal cost.


Either way, posting links isn’t a company or an actual occupation and it sure as hell does not pay the sort of cash this calculator that is fake leads you to consider.

In my previous experience, the merchandise is nothing more than some old training videos don’t enable you to make money or become successful and describe the notion of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is completely legit, but it is sure as hell NOT a job and these folks aren’t helping you learn this correctly.

They’ve designed this to entice individuals into a slew of additional purchases including high ticket training plans. Most folks don’t have any notion what to do after they purchase and that is when the ‘trainer’ is right there on the telephone telling you to update to “actually” learn how this works.

They employ a team of telemarketers who is the only job is getting you to purchase more things as I describe further down , which can get rather intrusive.

Showing The Hoopla

In a nutshell is a lie.

Fake News Sanctions

After landing on the page we’re greeted. They have just duplicated the news symbols, this clip and presented them in this type of manner to allow it to appear like they have been featured in the news.


I am able to guarantee you these men don’t have any affiliation, endorsement or organization in any manner with any reputable news network.

Cami White Is Not a Real Person

That one line I simply mentioned is almost among the essential components that tie them together and the hallmark of these scams. I’m not kidding. To find out more about the absolute amount of these scam websites and how they’re connected, have a look at the scam list I Have put together.


Anyhow, Cami the screenshots below are evidence of this and is not actual:

The whole narrative is made up, her image and her name is only a stock photo. So it must be great at converting people into buyers they use the single mother theory a lot. Makes sense, it gets them purchasing emotionally and pulls at a men heart strings.

The entire “small standings in your place” matter is a trick they use to raise their conversion rates. You see, they use where an individual is getting their website from a geo-targeting applications that finds. Subsequently, it raises the awareness of urgency and just says there are small positions in your region that’re more believable.

Using a sense of urgency is an extremely strong strategy to get folks whipping out their credit cards and skipping over the details. This isn’t erroneous in itself, but in this circumstance, it is something to be conscious of and a red flag. Check back on the website in a few weeks and it will say the exact same thing.

The Phony Testimonials

The same old text is used repeatedly across their websites, swapping the images around and while keeping the dates present.dayli-web-biz-review-fake-photto2

Much like our buddy Cami, they may be all fake and canned reviews and cannot be trusted or confirmed. This man is only a stock photo too as it is possible to see below.

Their Notorious JUNK Policy

Whether you purchase from these folks or not, they get your details in the forms. By giving your name, e-mail and telephone to them you’ll be able to expect to be spammed on a regular basis.

Simply giving those details is not dismay, but it’ll get irritating. You’ll get calls and junk e-mail, text messages from them and whoever they share or sell your info with.

Might It Be Safe To Purchase? Nope.

Firstly, I ‘ve serious doubts about how safe their payment processing is. The symbols are usually able to be clicked and checked, these aren’t.

That’s something and a HUGE red flag I encourage you to be REALLY cautious of.

Second, the claim to provide you with a complete 30-day refund on the deal page as
What the!? They DON’T issue any refunds!

It goes without saying that this isn’t only unethical, it is very deceptive.

Closing Ideas

Sadly, there is nothing good I can say about the inherent merchandise, the many scams it is linked with or this site. It’s not impossible to create an income online but you should at no point pay to get an ‘occupation’ and in terms of a company, there are many rewarding training platforms accessible.

This one is probably becoming quite frustrated, just going to finish with you losing cash and finding it near impossible to get a refund.

I spent years listening to ‘master’ which left me broke, utterly lost and frustrated.

Final Rating: 1/100

Money and your time are invested elsewhere.

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Some Last Suggestions:

Do not trust in programs which offer the get rich overnight and tells you’ll make money without any effort and no experience required”. Run away if you see anyone of those offers.

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Wilson Tavarez

I get scam over and over again because I make the same mistake every newbie can make "I want fast and easy money". I waste my money and time with the scammer.Now more than 10 years later I help others to avoid internet scam and teach them the safe way to Make Money Online.