ClickBank Reviews. Does it Work or not?

What is Clickbank about?

Clickbank is on of the biggest affiliate marketing network for digital products like software, eBooks and membership websites in distinct groups. They cater for Sellers and Affiliates. The platform manages credit card bookkeeping, processing and payouts.

Others Affiliate company is: Amazon, Ebay, Shareasale, Commission Junction, etc. But this will be a ClickBank Review

Clickbank General Summary

There are two sides to Clickbank. The one side is for the other for Sellers who like to market their own products and Affiliate marketers.


Clickbank reviewAs a seller, it is possible to submit your products to the active market which is browsed consumers and by affiliates. You can find thousands of affiliates now that markets Clickbank products. Many of them are seasoned Internet marketers, so it is possible to place your product before an enormous crowd.

Clickbank is the intermediary between the customer and you and they are going to support payments, process orders, and manage customer service. Clickbank requires a modest fee for processing, but prevent the procedure for starting a merchant account to take orders online and it’s much simpler to work together.

Whatever you have to do is set up a sales page, list your cost, download page, and the merchandise will be available instantly for others encourage or to see.


As an affiliate marketer, it is possible to use the market to locate a variety of products you want to encourage.

Sellers understand the significance of promotion tools. They provide the advertising materials including the sales letters, banner ads, and sometimes the email marketing campaign letters to their affiliates.

The Market

It’s advisable to take some time, in order to carefully choose your merchandise before you market it. To make an adequate amount of sales do viral marketing, build a custom website around your Clickbank merchandise or you may likely have to set up advertising campaigns. Nothing can be better to have an item that doesn’t convert. Let me give a couple of pointers on the way in which the data for each product works and the best way to choose the best one to you.

Gravity Score

CLICKBANK GRAVITY SCOREThe gravitation is a computation that determines how many affiliates that are different had made a deal with this merchandise in the previous 12 weeks. This amount will give you a great idea what types of products are popular and makes many of sales. Recall the high gravitation score may also suggest lots of competition.

Other data for the merchandise contains:

First $/sale – This can be the typical sum that the affiliate will get for each sale. This amount also contains refunds, the sales tax and chargebacks.

Avg Rebill Total : This amount will be revealed if the recurring charge is offered by the Seller. This doesn’t contain the first sale sum.

Avg $/sale: This amount is the same as the first sale and is for one-time purchases only.

Avg %/sale:This can be the typical percentage rate earned for all the sales of the seller’s merchandises, including re-statement, one time sells and up purchases.

Avg %/charge – This will just reveal if a recurring charge merchandise is offered by the Seller. It is going to reveal the typical percentage rate made on charge.

All the advice above provides you with a notion of how competitive it is going to be and how much you are going to make.

How create Hop-link in ClickBank?

When you choose an item you want to promote and sell, all you need to do is click the “boost” button and this will create a link which has your referral tracking URL. You may use this link to market the merchandise and receive a commission in the sale if someone subscribes to the service or buys the merchandise.

Clickbank Analytics

You might be presented with a complete analytic dash which will give you comprehensive data that contain:

  • Hops per day – By Vendor, tracking ID. or country.
  • Opinions are formed by order.
  • Income – First income, Gross Sales, Rebill Income, Net Sales, Refunds, and Chargebacks.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Saved Reports.

clickbank analitycs

How to received your Money $

Clickbank offers International Direct Deposit of your account into certain international accounts at no extra charge. Countries included:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

That is a simple method by using Payoneer to get payments quickly. That is for the people like me that live in the states which are not recorded above.


After 90 days your paper check can be old, then request a fresh one and you are going to need to send it back. Direct deposits don’t have this restriction and you are going to receive payment within 2-4 days. I highly recommend this system if your home is in a foreign nation which is not recorded or to join with Payoneer for free.


Clickbank Cons and Pros


– can be registered by anyone You aren’t required to have a web site to be taken or an archive of achievement. The enrollment takes a short while.

An extensive assortment of Products to boost – You’ll never fight to locate a high-quality merchandise to satisfy your needs.

Easy to be a retailer – The set up is not difficult and support stuff is provided by them. The pricing is quite fair comparing with other plans and you’ll just pay $49 to activate your merchandise. Your own merchandise can earn you hundreds within several days when it is a quality that is great.

Minimal limitations that are promotional – Clickbank doesn’t have many constraints on the way these products can be promoted by you. You’re free to market your product on sites, email marketing, sites, paid social and traffic marketing to name some. (Clearly, Spamming isn’t permitted.)

No restrictions on merchandises –


Promotional tools that are inadequate – Clickbank will not supply affiliates with conversion tracking tools or banner ads. You’ve entirely depended on the Seller. Quality tools will be provided by some retailers although some will supply nothing in any respect.


Too many “Get loaded fast” merchandises – Clickbank is the house as it pertains to these kinds of products that assures the world but produces nothing.

Clickbank products have a refund rate that is higher than any plans. Due to the bonded 60-day refund policy, use the merchandise, people are inclined to buy after which get a refund.

Is Clickbank just Another Scam?

Clickbank itself just isn’t a scam, but since it’s the biggest on-line market which can be found to everyone the scammers will be attracted by it at the same time. The platform doesn’t have high demands that prevent dishonest individuals from using the service or a screening process.

Clickbank itself has an excellent standing and payments are consistently on time. As an affiliate, it’s your duty to do research before you pick to encourage a plan to prevent disappointment with customer grievances or chargebacks. As a Seller, you should create an item that’ll deliver quality to advertising stuff and customers to affiliates.

My View

Clickbank is an excellent spot to begin should you be new to advertising, whether it’ll be as a Seller or an affiliate. Use the data which might be accessible for you and browse to learn if the merchandise has a standing that is great or bad.

Make a point before you begin to encourage them to test products. You can even e-mail several friends as well as get family and friends before you execute your marketing strategy to give you their honest view. Remember what you might see as an excellent merchandise could be a bad one for others and everyone differs.

Fully being a successful affiliate continues to be simply wonderful, but a seller that is successful is better!

Clickbank places it in front of thousands of affiliates which can be proficient enough to make lots of revenue and makes it super simple to get your own merchandise online. Most folks believe that their only choice would be to become an affiliate and market the merchandise of the Seller. If you have knowledge or abilities that other can profit from

Feel free to leave feedback and your views .

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