Buxenger review 2016, does it work or not?

Is Buxenger Safe to use?

buxenger 2016In my more than 10 years of experience with PTC sites, I’ve always seen very difficult to handle as many PTC sites , Buxenger basically what it does is put all your PTC sites into one. It is very important to clarify that Buxenger is not any kind of auto clicker or AutoSurfer  program.

The important thing is that Buxenger not breaks with the TOS of the PTC sites, although sites like Neobux  or Clixsia are not available.

PTC sites that are listed in Buxenger program , it is because previously Buxenger and owners of this site have reached an agreement , so relax that you will not cancel or close your account.

What l Like about Bunxenger.

  • No Risk. It does not represent any risk to using and is completely legal. As I said above does not break with the TOS of the PTC Sites.
  • Easier to see ads on a single page. Instead of closing a PTC page and go to another , you can have them all in one place , saving you time and time is money.
  • Referrals. What I liked most of the Buxenger , something unknown and I realized then , is that if you send a referral to Buxenger and that person decides to register on any of the PTC sites is automatically your referral ( always , of course, you ‘re subscribed to that PTC site)
  • Alarms and management.  You can set alarms to warn you when you have reached minimum cash out and you will go to have all your stats in one place. 
  • Very secure:At Buxenger security is a top priority and passwords get encrypted so that only you have access to them.

What we do not like about Buxenger:

  • The list of PTC is limited and some of the major ones such as Neobux  or Clicksia are still missing.
  • On the free version, you can only view ads on one tab at a time. You need to get a premium to get multiple tabs.
  • Confusing master password function: I could not figure out what it meant and I kept trying without success until I realized I just had to leave it blank!

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This short video will show you how exactly Buxenger work.

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