Advertzer Full review 2016. Does it work?

Name: Advertzer

 Official website:

Overall: 5/100

Decition: Not Recommended

What is Advertzer?

Advertzer is launch at 19/03/2015. Advertzer had filed their website independently due to which no one can identify the actual individual who’s operating Advertzer and even their location can also be concealed. If their data has been hidden by some firm in on-line work business, it’s not a great sign. Really, just those businesses conceal their information who’ve either link with scam sites in the past or need to scam in future. This is why we do not urge anyone to invest in Advertzer.

So, instead of replying to each of them, we determine to make one post on Advertzer so that everybody can discover that it’s easily through the use of the search box on the right-hand side of our site.

Is Advertzer same like not or Paidverts?

The business model of Advertzer is totally unsustainable, although Advertzer only looks like Paidverts. They do not have any added backup income flow from which they can produce again in order to yield their member 144%. In Paidverts, they’d various income streams like games sales, shares, affordable traffic, and developments, and banner advertisements, software developments, casino games etc. So, in the instance of Advertzer from where they’re going to generate additional 44% to back to their own members? At the moment it appears like Ponzi scheme in which they’ll pay to the first member from money of second member and each time they pay to their own members, they’ll create 44% debt because at the minute they do not have any good income source or investment source from which they can make gain pay to their members. However, they are adding new attributes like YT Advertisements, Offerwall etc., but also it’s still not enough to cover up 44% debt.

Is Advertzer Legit or Scam?

As we mention another big drawback of Advertzer is that they’d registered their website independently so that no one can identify who is whoever owns the website and in which place it’s situated. In on-line work industry, just those websites hide their identity if the owner of those businesses and scam sites in the past have linked or they want to trick as time goes on. Either way, it is not great.

Can we invest money in this company or not?

Right now we do not urge anyone invest money in this business.

Advertzer was in debt just one month before. During that time they were unable to pay the members by the due date and even some payments get delayed up to 1 month. Nonetheless, now they paying as per program and have once again recovered that problem. They are also starting their another sister site shortly generally known as RevAdburst. You can click this link as a way to learn their new sister website:-

It appears that they’d opened this new site to be able to cover a debt of Advertzer up. Sometimes this strategy work. But occasionally it will not work. If their new site also starts to create debt, then they are going to be in huge problem and it appears that their new website also doesn’t have enough backup income flow in order to cover their members to be paid back to by ROI. So, let us see how they’re going to run their websites later on.

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Wilson Tavarez

I get scam over and over again because I make the same mistake every newbie can make "I want fast and easy money". I waste my money and time with the scammer.Now more than 10 years later I help others to avoid internet scam and teach them the safe way to Make Money Online.