1 Hour Insta Profit Review: Just a Waste of time

Name: 1 Hour Insta Profit

Website: www.igmentor.com/1hourinstaprofits/

Overall: 25/100

What Is 1 Hour Insta Profit?

This entire merchandise is made up of the brief 21-page ebook. The primary concept of tylers strategy here is depending on acquiring leads through the social media network Instagram and turning these into paying customers.

The first 6 pages are made up of intros, disclaimers, and ads about high ticket coaching software and the latest MLM opportunities.

I found the remaining content over the next 15 pages to be extremely vague and left me with more questions than I had when I initially began.

It looked like there were more upsells to Tylers other IM products as well as other products that he’s affiliated with that there was any actual training.

The thing that worried me the most about this product was a number of times he tried to get me to join Digital Altitude.

If you aren’t comfortable with how this particular software functions, it’s basically a high ticket coaching application that shows you just how to sell other high ticket training packages to other people.

This program started on the Warrior affiliate network on Sept 9 and there have been quite a several people encouraging this program since it’s launching.

Who Is This Intended For?

This merchandise is geared towards those who have shown an interest in making money online. This would also be perfect for people who don’t have a good deal of time and still buy into the hype that you could actually earn money in an hour.

Additionally, if you like to take shortcuts and you’re consistently looking for a loophole in the system in hopes of finding a simple way to success I believe this application would cater to you personally also.

How 1 Hour Insta Profit Works?

You’ll gain access to some link where you are able to download this to your computer as a PDF file once you complete the checkout procedure. The majority of Tyler’s publication focuses on how to advertise his products via Instagram. He encourages one to post inspirational things as a way to get a following.

You can advertise product and services to your audience and make affiliate commissions once you get a following.

Tyler also lets you know that he has a following of over 100k on Instagram, but he fails to go into detail about how he managed to assemble this type of huge following or the length of time it really took him to try this.

Instead, you’re directed to join to among his webinars where you’ll be pitched many of his more expensive products.

The only one making money in an hour here is Tyler. This really is still another product although you’ll be buying into the idea of earning money but never revealed the best way to really take action.

Here’s What I Didn’t Enjoy About It

  • Training is really vague and you’ll likely have more questions later than when you initially began
  • Completely too many upsells within the first few pages
  • You’re encouraged to use PLR content that is a primary breach of regulations and Google’s Search Engine Optimization rules
  • Digital Altitude is greatly promoted several times through the training

Is This Really Going To Find Yourself Costing You?

The first product is rather inexpensive and will only cost you $6.50 to get your foot in the door. I like to think of the as only an entrance fee.

On a more positive note, I was only able to find 2 upsells within the program itself.

Something that I found to be really special about these upsells were that they’d any sort of a description or NO title.

Nearly every product that I have reviewed previously that had up-sells, would at least, have some kind of indication regarding what I was getting.

Here is everything I could gather about these 2 upsells beneath:

The only thing we are told relating to this product is which you can make money fast.

Isn’t that about exactly the same thing that we were able to collect from his merchandise that is original?

Would you guys buy into something based on the idea that you can generate income quickly?

Upsell#2- This second mystery product claims that you can make $6,000 in 30 days which is a little more detailed than the first one, but still basically the same concept as the first one. This OTO will cost you an additional $9.

1 of the main things that concerned me relating to this plan was all the other advertisements for other MLM schemes and high ticket training plans

Any IM product or business who would even think of promoting other low-quality products or MLM pyramid schemes inside their back end must be put under a microscope.

There were also links for Tyler’s webinars scattered around the place.

Can 1 Hour Insta Profits Really Make You $$$ In 1 Hour?

Social media is probably 1 of the finest means to drive traffic to your own website. Bringing an audience of like-minded folks who reveals an interest in your market is 1 of the best methods as you are able to grow your company.

Yet, I just don’t feel like Instagram is the best place to do this. When was the last time you bought something on Instagram from an advertisement, let me ask you guys a question?

Where folks head to spend cash or click on advertising this isn’t.

I really don’t see this working, although I believe the entire notion of Tyler’s strategy is spot on.

The primary objective with this e-book will be to just enable you to get in the door at a price that is cheap so Tyler can promote his products that are more high-priced within an effort to earn more money from you to you.

Constructing an online business requires a whole lot of energy, time, and effort before you may wind up seeing any results or make your first sale.

It’s not physically possible to make money in 1 hour, especially if you’re a newbie who is just starting out.

I frankly wouldn’t feel as I believe there are considerably higher quality programs out there that may actually demonstrate the way to build an income online instead of simply telling you about it recommending this program to anyone.

My final Opinion

Maybe you are wondering if you can make money online, the answer is yes, but this success will not come overnight. Those “get rich quick” program never work.

If you understand that for making money online it will take time, you need to educate yourself, it needs dedications and effort if you understand this read: My No. 1 recommendation to learn How To Make Money Online

Did you purchase this e-book and truly believe that you’d be making money in 1 hour?

I want to hear all about it in the opinions below!!

Wilson Tavarez

I get scam over and over again because I make the same mistake every newbie can make "I want fast and easy money". I waste my money and time with the scammer.Now more than 10 years later I help others to avoid internet scam and teach them the safe way to Make Money Online.